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    Issues after loading media

    Im sorry about that. I just saw all of these responses! I have a graphtec CE5000-60. When i mean that the rollers are aligned i do mean that they are with in the blue tape marking their points. When i first turn on the machine it asks me to press enter right away. So that it can find the 2 rollers. It wont let me push anything else until that is completed. @MZ SKEETER I will give shutting off the pinch roller sensor and media sensor a shot and see if I have any issues! I will update accordingly!
  2. Hello All, This is my first time posting on here but after many weeks and alot of wasted time I have no other choice. So here is what is happening: I load up a new roll of vinyl in the machine. I lock the lever and when prompted I hit enter. The carriage then slowly moves from the furthest right position to the left side of the cutter. Most of the time it does not even find the rollers location. When it finally does (after me having to lower the media lever and hit enter again about 10 times) it will reach the first roller and tell me REALIGN ROLLERS. Of course i know the rollers are aligned so i just push the lever down and hit enter again.. This will continue on for quite a while.. Finally by some miracle and the grace of the almighty vinyl gods when I am on my last bit of energy and patience at 3 AM it decides to do what its supposed to and I can cut! Only to have to start the entire process over again if i have to change colors... Does any one have any idea what I can do? I have updated the firmware I am running the most recent version. I have ran this version for quite a while and it has just now started doing this. I have also tried factory resetting. I have also tried cleaning out the machine by blowing it out. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you, Luis Redline Prints