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  1. 651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    I think I've heard that Oracal 631 is best for painted sheetrock because it's easily removed later, but will 651 peel off fine also in the future? I have stuck some on a wall here as a test but am wondering if there will be any long term damage if I were to peel the 651 off in a few years. Deciding if I need to go buy a bunch of 631 just for painted walls...?
  2. Car Show Awards - No Parking Signs

    Nice job, they look great!
  3. 651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    Thanks, didn't think of a gloss versus matte finish...
  4. boat vinyl

    Looks nice and I'm glad to hear that 651 lasted 6 years on a boat. Do you have any pics of it near the end of the 6 years?
  5. Hi all!

    Welcome from another SC2 owner!
  6. Starting new business looking for the best bundle package?

    Yeah, I think the only bundle that's worth it, is a bundle of vinyl colors. I'd pick and choose what else you need. If you buy a package deal you'll be paying for things you may never use.
  7. I'm still new to the vinyl cutting world. I have my SC2 up and running and it's working great, but I'm not sure the best way to make money with it. What kind of products sell the best for you all? ~6" decals for car windows, laptops, Hydroflasks or smaller items Larger car decals Home Interior wall decals Custom orders of business window fronts (hours or names on doors) Large windowfront signage for businesses Making Vinyl Stencils and painting on wooden things HTV and making t-shirts, caps etc... Vinyl on drinking glasses, or stencils for sandbalsting on glasses? A combination of some of these maybe? Are there other things I'm missing that are good moneymakers?
  8. Hello From NC

    Hi from Wisconsin!
  9. How do you all make money?

    Honestly... I didn't really have much of a plan. I have a CNC plasma cutting table and over the past 10 years or so, I've made a lot of metal art and signs, but I can't get super detailed like some of my customers wanted me to with lettering and stuff like that. So I thought I should get a vinyl cutter someday to add fine details like that to my metal work, but never pulled the trigger. Plus I have a bunch of off road trails and a gun range on my property and want to make a bunch of signs for them, so I had a personal interest as well. Recently I had a friend that wanted to buy a firearm from me. He didn't have the cash but told me he'd put whatever I wanted to buy on his credit card in trade, so I said let's do it! I really wanted it more of a toy than anything, but was hoping I could also make some money off it as well. If I can't... no big deal. I can use it for friends and my trail signs and add to my metal work, but if I can make some good money with it, even better! I was hoping to hear something like "Small, back window car stickers have very low margins" or "I only make T-shirts now since they are my most profitable item" or something like that.
  10. Hello

    Hello and welcome!
  11. Does vinyl need to cure?

    I know that when doing a wet application, you need to give it time to let the moisture escape and for the adhesive to bond. But does the same go for a dry installation? Does the vinyl achieve full adhesion after a certain amount of time? I'm specifically asking about Oracal 651, but would like to know about most common vinyls as well.
  12. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    Well, so far I'm happy with my purchase, but I haven't had to call for any issues yet. I will say my order arrived very quickly, and I had it up and running much quicker and easier than I thought it would be. My only issue is that the roller guides leave marks on the vinyl, but I assume that's with most machines. i guess only time will tell, but I'm happy so far. (Knock on wood...)
  13. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    I REALLY want to get a vinyl cutter, and I like what I see when it comes to the SC2. It's in my price range and seems to be a nice unit. But I was warned to check out US Cutters BBB page and they have an F rating with like 18 negative comments and zero positive comments. I know of a few people from other forums that have bought from USC and they seem to have had no problems, but wondering what you all think of their service? It might be the wrong place to post this though, since this IS a USCUTTER forum.... who knows...
  14. My wife has a hair salon and it's very busy. I'd like to display a bunch of stickers on some sort of flat sheet that can be easily picked up, moved and looked at. I tried using one of those white foam boards but there's just a little bit of texture to it and the vinyl looks just barely "rough". I even tried some bare steel and it looks better but it still has some texture. I'd like to use something super smooth like glass, but I'm concerned about it breaking, and I'd like it to be double sided. What do you use?
  15. Cutting rounded corners on coroplast

    I have about 40 small signs to make from coroplast. The signs are about 8"x12" and I'll be adding vinyl letters to them. They're already cut to size using a table saw, but I'd like to have the corners rounded with some sort of radius. About a 1-2" radius maybe. Any ideas on how to achieve that without just using a knife?
  16. Newbie from West Tennessee

    Welcome from Wisconsin!
  17. Hello from FLA

    Welcome from another noob!
  18. Sign I Created for a Buddy

    Lolooks great, what are you applying it to?
  19. Sample display boards?

    I'm looking for something with two identical sides to double the real estate. I bought an 18"x24" piece of white lexan and it seems to be fine. I may get a smoked or colored one for white decals someday. Seems to meet all my requirements so far and is very smooth.
  20. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    I've been seeing people say to not use the plastic type transfer tape in a wet application since it won't let the moisture escape. Is this true? Can I use it or should I get some paper transfer tape also? I'm using Oracal 651 vinyl.
  21. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    So what is the benefits of a wet application? Just allowing it to move easier for positioning? Anything else? Does it help with air bubbles? I made this three layer sticker today. The white and black came out perfect, but the blue had bubbles in it. I installed them dry, one layer at a time.
  22. Sample display boards?

    Thanks all. I have some aluminum sheets and coroplast here that I will try. I think I'm going to also try colored plexiglass.
  23. Newb questions about my new SC2

    @cardudenc Your daily driver is on 38's! You're more of a man than me! Sounds like you and @Wildgoose both have some nice rigs! My main trailrider is an 03 Rubicon on 36" TSL/SX's with beadlocks, a 5.5" RE Long arm lift, 8274 winch and stock engine. Pretty basic, but it works for me.
  24. I just got my SC2 last night, watched a few videos, thought I had everthing set up correctly, but now I'm not sure, so here come the questions... I decided to use the pen tool and I had heard that on blades, they just need to barely stick out so I adjusted the pen to stick out just a little too. 1. For the pen tool, is this too much or too little sticking out? The back end of the pen hits the little ridge by the control panel when it passes by it. 2. Is the pen too high here? I did a test cut and I'm getting these little "lead ins" which I would understand why I'm getting them if I was using a blade and not a pen. It's possible I had this set to "blade" not "pen tool" by mistake though. 3. So did I have a setting wrong here or is this normal? You can see the little start marks on the "C" and the "t" here: Then I decided to try importing from Corel. 4. Are these settings good: Importing from Corel was easy and the design cut, but there were some gaps between the start and end, and also some of the letters weren't drawn correctly. You can see the difference between the "w" on these two pics, and you can see the gaps in here as well: 5. What settings do I have wrong here?
  25. So I just got my first vinyl cutter, an SC2 and so far it works perfectly, but I'm wishing there was somewhere to easily store the extra blades. I know on the Cricut or Cameo or some of the small cutters I've seen a little opening in the bed to put extra blades in. I'm thinking about screwing a little storage box or something to the cross brace of the stand of my SC2 to store my extra blades, an exacto knife, scissors, pick, etc... anyone else do anything like this and have a pic to share with what you put in it? My desk with cutting mat isn't right by the cutter so I'd like to have an exacto knife at the very least, right with the cutter. Any input?