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  1. I've been thinking about getting a heat press but not sure how worth it they are. What kind of price should I be expecting to be able to buy blank tee shirts for? It seems to me that there's not a lot of profit per shirt... Maybe I'm wrong?
  2. Scratchthejeepguy

    When to change blades?

    I'm in middle of a big job. I'm making a bunch of yard signs. My SC2 is cutting fine, but I'm concerned about when I should change blades. I'm still on my first 45 degree blade that came with the cutter. I still have another 45 and a 60 from the factory. Will it stop cutting abruptly, or will it just slowly start cutting poorly? What should I start to notice when it's time to change blades?
  3. Scratchthejeepguy

    When to change blades?

    Thanks for all the replies. I've had my machine for almost 2 years now and still on the same blade for hobby use, but I'm getting lots of use lately as I've been cutting a bunch of yard signs. I think I'm at number 80 so far. I still have my little plastic case with a spare 45 and 60 so I should be good for a while it sounds like.
  4. Scratchthejeepguy

    These are selling good right now

    Thought Id throw out this idea if you haven't seen them yet. There are lots of versions on Facebook right now. These are what I'm selling. I've sold quite a few in 4 different schools. Luckily, I had a good supply of colors and signs ready.
  5. Scratchthejeepguy

    My first post! Is this possiable?

    Keep in mind, you'll also have to let the first color dry completely before doing the next color, and hopefully pulling the second layer of vinyl off doesn't pull up any of your first layer of paint.
  6. Scratchthejeepguy

    BBQ Trophy

    I got a vinyl cutter so I could add fine details to my plasma cut metalwork. I've had the vinyl cutter for about a year now and still haven't combined the use of metalwork and vinyl...But a friend of mine is holding a Rib Fest and invited me to come, so I told him I'd make some sort of award like a plaque or something. I originally thought I'd simply cut out a piece of metal in the shape of a rack of ribs and decorate it with vinyl lettering so the winner could hang a plaque on their wall. Then this 30" tall thing happened... Can't wait to eat!
  7. Scratchthejeepguy

    Hello from a beginner

    Welcome from Wisconsin!
  8. Scratchthejeepguy

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  9. Scratchthejeepguy

    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    My US Cutter vinyl cutter seems to be cutting too deep. I didn't know how to set the depth of the blade, but I saw an image on US Cutters website that showed me how far the blade should be sticking out so I just copied that...
  10. Scratchthejeepguy

    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    Actually, this thread was just a joke...... I saw the pic that US Cutter has of their blade holder and thought it was funny.
  11. Scratchthejeepguy

    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    So it's not supposed to stick out as much as it is in the picture I posted above...? : )
  12. Scratchthejeepguy

    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    No I didn't... Thanks, I'll try that!
  13. Scratchthejeepguy

    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    Duct tape.
  14. Scratchthejeepguy

    Vinyl work on a parade float

    My daughter is on our towns royal court this year, and does parades during the warmer months. Another towns festival is during October and they have a huge Halloween parade. The visiting royalty and their families usually transform their normal float into some fun theme just for that parade. Our court decided to go with the Toy Story theme. I had a bunch of 4x8 choroplast sheets that the city gave me after an election one time so I donated them to the float. We painted them and used them to make the sides of this wagon, Al's Toy Barn, the toybox, some ABC blocks, monkeys, and some other various signs. I used my vinyl cutter to make the Toy Story signs, the Radio Flyer logo, the Al's Toy Barn sign, ABC blocks and the Play-Dough buckets. It turned out awesome! Too bad it was all for one parade. Here are some pics!
  15. Scratchthejeepguy

    What vinyl for boats?

    I have a job coming up that will go on the side of a racing sailboat. It's a somewhat complex design with a lot of thin pieces on it. All black. Should I go with Oracal 751 or better?
  16. Scratchthejeepguy

    Hello from tx

    I also have the SC2 and am using VM with no complaints. I may have to download SBE just for those graphics though. Now that you have the license key, you should be up and running in no time. I had zero problems getting up and running with my SC2. although I thought they offered a starter package with Mac software....? I could be wrong.
  17. Scratchthejeepguy

    Hello from tx

    Welcome to the forum! What cutter did you get?
  18. Scratchthejeepguy

    Tow trucks

    Nice job, I'm assuming you layered the first one, not printed?
  19. Scratchthejeepguy

    My daughter wants a T shirt

    I have an SC2 and have no HTV or heat press, but she wants me to make her a custom shirt. I've never even seen HTV. Can I get a small roll of vinyl and use an iron... successfully? I've heard using an iron for t shirts is a pain in the ass. Is it even worth trying?
  20. Scratchthejeepguy

    My daughter wants a T shirt

    Ooooooh, thanks for the reminder! I had heard about mirroring it, but forgot about it again!
  21. Scratchthejeepguy

    My largest work so far

    Thought I'd show off my biggest job to date. It went on both sides of a 21' racing sailboat. It was almost 20' long and almost 24" wide. Used black and red 751 and cut with my SC2. Turned out great and the customer was very happy! Before: After: I was (am) concerned with how long those very thin lines will stay as he told me he hits driftwood, dead fish, docks, buoys and other boats regularly, but he also said that if most of it is still there by the end of the season, he'll be happy. The last decal he had on there which was about half as long, started getting knocked off right away also.
  22. Scratchthejeepguy

    Made for myself

    Congratulations, and the signs do look great! What's the size of the black section? Did you make them yourself or buy them built and painted?
  23. Scratchthejeepguy

    Will Oracal 631 vinyl stick to wall painted with flat paint?

    I always bring a few small samples and try them on the walls. If they don't stick well for me, I won't even give them an option, I would just say something like "You have paint that is not good for vinyl" and walk away from the job. Life is too short to deal with difficult jobs, trying to find work-arounds for it, and ending up with a nightmare. That being said... I haven't encountered paint that my vinyl won't stick to. ...yet...
  24. Scratchthejeepguy

    Pallet board stencilling

    I've done stenciling on wood signs before and they've turned out great. Here's my process: I paint the board, and once it's dry I apply the vinyl stencil. Then I paint the board again with the background color. Then once that's dry I paint the topcoat color. Once dry I peel off the vinyl and I have nice sharp, crisp lines with no bleed through underneath the edges of the vinyl. But with pallet boards I don't know how to do the seams of the pallet boards. I feel like if I use spray paint it will work good since the top coat will go straight on and won't get under the vinyl too much, but I think I remember having problems with the spray paint causing the vinyl to shrink. What's the best way to do this, I have attached some pictures of the places that I expect to have problems.
  25. Scratchthejeepguy

    Pallet board stencilling

    Thanks for the compliments. From the videos I've watched, a lot of them made a point to mention that the key to vinyl stencils was very little paint. I wonder if an airbrush would work? I think I remember that they put out a very light dry coat as it was going on. I think I still have one somewhere, maybe I'll dig it out and try it. Of course as long as I don't use boards with beveled edges, I should be ok.