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    Thanks I will check it out asap!
  2. Hello, I got an SC2 in December. I use it to cut HTV and its other purpose was supposed to be to contour cut my stickers, which has been a big fat fail. I have been hand cutting intricate shapes because I can't seem to get this thing to do its job. I no longer have time to be hand cutting dozens of West Virginias or whatever else. I would also like to make sticker sheets, but alas, can't get the darn thing to line up correctly. HOW does one simply contour cut?!?! 1. My sticker vinyl is 8.5x11 so I have it on a carrier sheet to ensure the page doesn't slip out before the cut is done. 2. I've tried setting the origin based on the reg mark from the machine, and from VinylMaster as well. 3. I've tried turning the image 180* to see if that was the issue. 4. I've tried moving the paper around. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks, Rachel