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  1. Blade choices?

    The text on my logo for t-shirts is 7mm. I took the advice offered here and used one of the cheap 60* blades I bought on Amazon. That, coupled with the fact my 30* blade was starting to get dull after about 100yds of vinyl cut...made for an AMAZING cut! I had the hardest time finding the lines to weed without my loupes. Everything pulled out perfectly and the little 7mm letters were perfect. I can't imagine a clean-cut blade! Thank you all again for your experience and continued great advice. I am now over 100 shirts, and 50+ transfer decals in (including back window marketing), and I feel like I am really starting to find my groove the business, and I am starting to learn the quirks of this Titan3 and SCAL4. I've grown to like it now...(Even though I do the difficult stuff in AI).
  2. Blade choices?

    Thanks I'll have to check it out. All mine just showed up...30 blades from china. I figure they lest me like 3 months tops. LOL!
  3. After wasting about 6 ft of HTV this weekend because I was in a rush, and didn't take my time to check, and double check. I decided I need to make a little change to HOPEFULLY jog my memory before I send something to the cutter. I think maybe 3-4 times I forgot to mirror the image...2&3 color designs...cut all the layers and even STARTED weeding before I realized I screwed up...UGH! Learning curve I guess! lol!
  4. Blade choices?

    Good thing I just stocked up on 30 blades...10 of each HAHAHA...whoops! Thanks once again! You guys/gals are a great resource and so helpful! Sorry I'm such a pain!
  5. Shirt Vinyl Cutting Issue

    I know this is an old post, but I found using carrier sheet resolved my issue. I was having the same thing happen. It normally doesn't happen with 651 because it's much thicker with the paper backing. I cut around the same speed & pressure you have shown. did 20-30 shirts so far this weekend without incident. I actually went to Michaels and bought a Cricut light grip cutting mat (the light blue one) and it works fine. Just thought I'd answer in case some new people stumble on this.
  6. Reading some conflicting advice, so I wanted to ask those of you that have been using the TITAN3 for some time. On the blade pack, it says the following: 30* - HTV 45* - General cutting 60* - Thick materials I have heard from others they have great results using the 60* blade with very detailed, smaller designs, and the 30* for large cuts. Which is correct? I honestly am getting a lot of great results with the 30* blade for both HTV and 651. The blade does get some small pieces of vinyl jammed in it from time to time, but otherwise, it's been perfect. Also, Aftermarket blade holders? I am looking to have 3 holders to hold all 3 blades. That way I can set the blade and just change the holder with the new angle blade and not have to play with the depth as much when I need to change them. Thoughts? I bought a pair of cheap ones on amazon, but they don't lock the blade height only the holder height. They fit ok, but I haven't cut with one yet. Thanks! Scott
  7. Another great idea Cal...just on paper? Never used the pen...but I noticed in SCAL how I can see the cuts now without colors in the way and I feel like I've come a little further with at least my logo... I got rid of the double cuts that were going through the vinyl. That was most of my issues...even though the blade was set what I feel is properly. I can use the holder on scrap, draw a circle and it only cuts through the vinyl layer. When I cut my logo now, it doesn't go through anything.
  8. Feeling like an idiot now. I am actually pretty good with AI...I've been using it since version 2...I didn't even THINK to design in there and import. Great helpful tips everyone...thank you! Scott
  9. That's good to know...I'm 1/2 way there...I'm already old! lol!
  10. I'm taking a few hrs each day to learn the machine. I also bought a bunch of spare blades and a few other blade holders to make it easier switching between materials. I also bought a few rolls of Oracal 651 and Siser Easyweed so I don't have to use these sheets any longer. I'm going to check out SignCut Pro...thanks. Appreciate the help. I checked off that "weld" box on/off 4-5 cut the same every time. Merge did some weird stuff with the cuts as well.
  11. I solved a lot of the "wrinkling" issue when cutting by taping up the holes that were not being used which in turn caused more suction to the vinyl. No different than using bigger material that covers them all right? I can just remove it when my new stuff arrives. I also slowed the speed down to 96mm/s and left the force @ 96 since I knew my blade was set properly. Cut a few designs now without incident using the 30* blade also...that made a difference too. Just thought I would share that with people that may be having trouble.
  12. Blade was set per instructions. Finally finished up 1 of an order of 12.
  13. Thanks Skeeter...yeah, "print" is a habit. Thanks for the tips. I read the manuals...but wasn't finding exactly what I need. I think I will also try a carrier sheet for the smaller pieces and 1/2 sheets. Hoping I don't have to re-adjust things too much when I do. I am just trying to use up all the vinyl I bought for the Cricut...didn't want it to go to waste, but you can bet I'll be buying rolls from now on.
  14. Sorry to be a total pain, but there really is NO INFO about this machine... I have some questions as to where to place the sheets, how far fwd they should be many problems because I think I was used to that "craft" machine and now reality has set in that I need to actually KNOW how to use this one to get it to print correctly, yet I can't read anything really to figure it out. It's trial and error with a ton of wasted vinyl. I got it to make some nice cuts with Sure Cuts A Lot, using the WYSIWYG mode and a "fake" mat size of 15"x12". This way I can kind of center the image up and it seems to do ok. When it gets to the bottom of the vinyl, it isn't held by the 2 rollers anymore and the blade grabs it. I also found I had to slow it WAY down and adjust the force. The default setting seems to be too fast and too much pressure for smaller intricate designs. Does anyone use sheets to cut with this machine? I'm scouring YouTube to try and research but I'm not having a lot of luck with the smaller one. Thanks AGAIN!
  15. TITAN3 DOA?

    LONG hold time, but they hooked me right up! I had to take it apart. The power supply switch was in between 115/220. once I slid it to the right spot it fired no problems. Now, I have to find the right speed settings because this thing is FASTTTT and tearing up my test worries. I knew it would be some trial & error! Gotta get used to setting the blade after I load vinyl. The old Cricut did it automatically from the same point all the time, so that's all new! Thank @haumana!