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  1. Does anyone put rollers behind their 15" cutter to hold the rolls while you cut? Is it worth it? Just a thought...
  2. I figured it out...poor choice of language on the software "position the laser"...once I positioned the BLADE (or pen), it worked's far from perfect, but it works.
  3. I'm still trying to figure out where to lineup...I'm about 2" off...? Looking through the manual, there's no laser point of reference.
  4. StayHungryFL

    Platen cover?

    I am DEFINITELY looking into upgrading my press if this keeps building as it has. I had to start somewhere I
  5. StayHungryFL

    Speed/Force consensus

    The first pic is how well it does on HTV with the servo motor. Just about 4.5mm. The second pic is Oracal 651...same size.
  6. StayHungryFL

    Platen cover?

    I do NOT like the clamshell since I have very large hands & arms. I burnt myself 100 times literally! My wife gave me this glove that I stretched out to fit. lol. Now if I have to adjust the design before I press I save the top of my hand.
  7. StayHungryFL

    Platen cover?

    so far so good...I need to fix the corners, they get in the way...I should have folded them on the inside
  8. StayHungryFL

    Speed/Force consensus

    Thanks for your reply. I've definitely got the blade depth set well! I now have 3 holders with 3 different blade angles, although I took the advice of other members here and really only use the 60* one. It seems to work really well. Thanks for the tip on the multiple pass! I forgot about that. On the subject of force, when it "tears up" the small letters, should I decrease the force until it stops? Right now, it adjusts in increments of 3' 3 at a time enough to figure it out? This is actually the reason for this post. I have to cut some VERY small letters, and I spent almost an hour setting my blade depth, and it comes out very good...but still takes up the corners on a few letters.
  9. What are your typical settings? I've found if I am cutting REALLY small items (631 or any size foil/glitter HTV)I need to drop the speed under 100. I'm still afraid to use the stock setting...not sure why...? I've been leaving the force alone at 99. I use China blades that aren't the greatest, but I have 60 of for now I'll use those. Any insight is appreciated. I value the experience here on this forum and appreciate you all helping out so we learn from others' mistakes...
  10. So, I ordered some extra teflon sheets, and heat tape to tape a sheet to the bottom platen. The silicone pad sure makes it difficult to slide garments into place. Anyone have any experience with this? Any reason why this won't work? I can't see spending $40 on a platen cover when I can spend $15 on 3 teflon sheets and tape. lol. I have done several shirts already and it seems to be holding up just fine so far... I may do it to the top as well as I keep forgetting to put on a teflon cover sheet when I'm in a rush. Sometimes the carrier sticks a bit and pulls up. Need to learn to SLOW DOWN!
  11. StayHungryFL

    Blade choices?

    The text on my logo for t-shirts is 7mm. I took the advice offered here and used one of the cheap 60* blades I bought on Amazon. That, coupled with the fact my 30* blade was starting to get dull after about 100yds of vinyl cut...made for an AMAZING cut! I had the hardest time finding the lines to weed without my loupes. Everything pulled out perfectly and the little 7mm letters were perfect. I can't imagine a clean-cut blade! Thank you all again for your experience and continued great advice. I am now over 100 shirts, and 50+ transfer decals in (including back window marketing), and I feel like I am really starting to find my groove the business, and I am starting to learn the quirks of this Titan3 and SCAL4. I've grown to like it now...(Even though I do the difficult stuff in AI).
  12. StayHungryFL

    Blade choices?

    Thanks I'll have to check it out. All mine just showed up...30 blades from china. I figure they lest me like 3 months tops. LOL!
  13. After wasting about 6 ft of HTV this weekend because I was in a rush, and didn't take my time to check, and double check. I decided I need to make a little change to HOPEFULLY jog my memory before I send something to the cutter. I think maybe 3-4 times I forgot to mirror the image...2&3 color designs...cut all the layers and even STARTED weeding before I realized I screwed up...UGH! Learning curve I guess! lol!
  14. StayHungryFL

    Blade choices?

    Good thing I just stocked up on 30 blades...10 of each HAHAHA...whoops! Thanks once again! You guys/gals are a great resource and so helpful! Sorry I'm such a pain!
  15. StayHungryFL

    Shirt Vinyl Cutting Issue

    I know this is an old post, but I found using carrier sheet resolved my issue. I was having the same thing happen. It normally doesn't happen with 651 because it's much thicker with the paper backing. I cut around the same speed & pressure you have shown. did 20-30 shirts so far this weekend without incident. I actually went to Michaels and bought a Cricut light grip cutting mat (the light blue one) and it works fine. Just thought I'd answer in case some new people stumble on this.