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  1. I have a Graphtec CE6000 and would like to know if anyone knows how to bridge some letters when making stencils. like the word welcome. I need to know how to keep the e, o etc. from being cut out. I have a stencil font but would like to know how to bridge letters so I can us any font. I was told to use the rectangle but I cant figure that out either. I'm new at this thing. I asked Graphtec and they didn't know. I know there is a way to bridge letters because ive seen it done. I need to bridge some of the alphabet to keep the centers from being cut out. hope I explained it good enough so I can get help. I mostly bought this machine to cut my own stencils out. thanks in advance. cindy
  2. rcjjt55

    how to bridge letters to cut stencils

    I'm using graphtec photo studio which came with the cutter. Love your example but what tool would I use to draw the lines. I'm have no idea what this thing does.