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  1. Sorry it took a minute to get back, it's been very busy the last few weeks. You were on the money, Skeeter. Bumped up the offset until I hit around 0.35, and now the edges are clean as a whistle. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thanks Skeeter, I'll play around with it some more tomorrow night and report back. I appreciate it.
  3. The blade depth should be good, only the barest point of the tip showing from the holder. I'll fiddle with the offset a bit and see what that gets me. Any idea generally speaking of where it should be set?
  4. I acquired a Titan3 this week and after getting it home and set up, I'm noticing that the quality of the cutting is a little off. I simply typed "test" using the text tool in VinylMaster Cut and sent it to the plotter. It is cutting, my blade depth seems to be pretty well set, running speed at about 250 and my downforce is set at around 100, but the edges and corners of the letters aren't very crisp (slightly rounded off), and the crossbar of the "t" is a little askew. I currently have it hooked up to my laptop via USB, and I'm wondering if perhaps I should try using a computer with a serial port connection to see if it improves the quality. Has anyone else encountered similar problems, and how did you solve them?
  5. LonnieSmith


    Looks like they've dropped the price again Down to $450 this time.
  6. LonnieSmith


    Ugh. I see now there are 8 days left on that sale price of $500. Probably not going to have the extra money before that timer expires. Had to replace my vehicle a week and a half ago and dipped a little further into my savings than I would have liked.
  7. LonnieSmith


    Lol, yeah, those Graphtecs are quite nice. I'm using them while working at a $30+ million a year sign fabrication facility, can't afford that same level of machinery on my home budget haha. I'd love to be able to afford something that swanky, but I'm okay with starting out small. I may wait another month and see if I can afford something with a servo motor, just because my fiance is probably going to hate my workroom sounding like an 80's arcade while that stepper is running. I've already gotten a few potential customers lined up, and I'm doing some contract install work on the side to stack up a little extra cash. What machine are you running, Skeeter?
  8. LonnieSmith


    I have, I use a Graphtech fc7000, 8000, and 8600 at work. I'm pretty familiar with adjusting settings for the blade depth and pressure, and adjusting speed as needed. I'm sure the LP3 will probably be a little more finicky and temperamental than these much more expensive machines, but that won't be a problem for me and I'm willing to put in the time to get it dialed in. I just want some decent tracking length, and having the contour cut option down the road will be a big benefit, and this machine offers both at a very reasonable price.
  9. LonnieSmith


    Yesterday, there was a 1-star review of the LP3 on the specs page. Today it is gone. Wondering if the poster rescinded it or if US Cutter deleted it. There is finally an short unboxing and demo video on YouTube, and the guy that posted it says he is pleased with how it works.
  10. Thanks. I don't have a printer personally but have access to one so that I could still produce printed decals to be cut out, at home, and it's a good capability to have down the road if I expand into doing spme small print work myself. I like the size of what this machine can work, and I like the layout and interface, and the included stand and basket is nice. The closest comparable machine I've found in size and price is the GCCExpert 2 LX which is abput $100 more expensive, and it uses a virtual interface, no display on the actual cutter, which I'm not keen on, and the stand and basket are another $100+ on top of that. I think this recent price drop is going to sell me on this machine. If it's still at this price Thursday when I get paid, I'm pulling the trigger.
  11. Today, the LP3 is marked down $100. I may just bite the bullet and get it.
  12. Yeah, no responses here, on Reddit, or in any of several Facebook groups I'm in. I've recently gotten some inquiries about doing some vinyl jobs that will put a little more money in my pocket than I was expecting, so I may just wind up skipping over a budget cutter and buying something a little more substantial.
  13. LonnieSmith

    Drumroll, please ---- Introducing LP3

    Did you get one of these @slice&dice?
  14. Has anyone tried out the Laserpoint 3 model yet? It's still pretty new, and there are zero reviews or videos outside of the US Cutter trailer video. I like the specs and look of the machine, but don't want to be the first guinea pig to try it out. Any feedback you can provide will be much appreciated!
  15. I am trying to find some feedback on this machine as well. There are zero reviews anywhere and no videos outside of the minute and a half trailer from US Cutter. Does anyone have this machine? It looks like exactly what I want for my price range, but I'm worried about buying a newly released cutter that hasn't been put thru customer paces.