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  1. Hello, Me and my Summa T-75 recently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where summer temperatures can be sustained at 120'F+. The job at hand just some vinyl lettering for a local business to be installed on their glass door and perhaps the side window. The door is tempered glass and the side window is an insulated glass. I spoke with a 3M representative who was moderately helpful in identifying two potential dangers, but he couldn't suggest a product to overcome the conditions. 1) At sustained high temperatures, the adhesive may melt or warp. Is there a vinyl suitable for glass that can withstand known high temperatures? 2) The uneven redistribution of heat may cause the glass to break. Less of a problem for the tempered glass but may be an issue for that side window. Any stories or experiences with this happening? I'm wondering if anyone else here has faced a similar problem? Any technical sheets out there for vinyl rolls? 3M seems to have the most information, but if other brand vinyls will do the job, I'll happily go with that. Getting my feet wet in Arizona and already facing an interesting challenge. Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks