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  1. Rich Black Ink

    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    Did adjustment to the blade, adjusted the offset by .05 and did a test. Looked good. Created my own test. Looked pretty good. Ran several of the designs from my previous file and the cut was a LOT better. I may adjust the offset a little further to see if I can clean up the text/corners even more. Thanks to everyone for all the help.. especially mz skeeter
  2. Rich Black Ink

    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    good to know about the track marks.. wasted a little vinyl thinking it was bad.. havent messed with he pinch rollers at all.
  3. Rich Black Ink

    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    I used a piece of the same vinyl I had made trackmarks on. Hang nail and goofy corners. Mine seems more on the “too low” side of your image but not by a whole lot. Is that the offset?
  4. Rich Black Ink

    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    @MZ SKEETER I dont even know how to do that in the cut software. Do you think it is more the adjustments you mentioned earlier.. or could it be the way I am opening the vector file within the cut software? maybe the file type im saving out of illustrator? The red image was a jpg of what I sent to the cutter. I could post the vector file also. these were mostly just test cuts to test out the machine.
  5. Rich Black Ink

    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    @MZ SKEETER Thanks for your input.. I will double check the blade again.. I was hoping you would chime in.. I saw several good posts from you and I think I used one of your posts when setting up the blade.. I will look again and see.. As I mentioned in the original post the images were cut straight from an eps made in illustrator. I created a new document and imported the vector file in and hit cut. Ill adjust the blade and do some test cuts and post them hopefully tomorrow. @haumana I wouldnt have guessed this was super small or intricate.. I thought when i was adjusting the speed of my machine (on the machine itself) i thought 100 was the slowest it would go.. But I will look again. I have some 60 degree blades on hand but was going to see how the 45 did first and save the 60s for when I stepped up to more intense graphics.. or something.. I will see if adjusting the blade and offset helps and go from there.. @eprcvinyls Thanks for the verification on my snobby feeling of the cuts. I will take your comment about the pressure setting into consideration when I adjust things. Thanks Everyone! Tim
  6. Greetings! I am new to the forum, and new to vinyl cutting. I browsed the forums quite a bit before and after ordering my SC2 and have looked around a little since cutting my first few experiments. I really like how this forum appears to be a real community helping each other out.. I hope to learn and share as much as I can in the future. I am a graphic designs for a semi large screen print and embroidery house in Texas and I am a self proclaimed "vector snob". I have a VERY good understanding of the ins and outs of Adobe illustrator so please let me know if you have any questions. The examples I have attached were created in Adobe Illustrator and the vector files opened in the "Vinyl Master Cut V4" and cut with no further editing in that software. I work on a windows PC and I have my plotter set up with a serial cable.I read the suggestions on here for setting up the blade depth and did my best to set my machine up that way. All of the white graphics were on Oracal 651 material and cut with my machine set to 100 speed, the black graphics were on 651and i think they cut at 500, and the yellow was on 751C also at 500. The yellow graphic actually looks pretty decent but its on the bigger side and there are still some little things i would like to clean up.. and it ran way faster than the white vinyl. OK now that I feel like I got the particulars out of the way... I am wondering if my passion for clean vector graphics is ruining my expectations of what my plotter is actually cutting. I would have thought that straight lines and rectangles would be bread and butter but that seems to be my major beef. I added the image of the skull because that one cut pretty much perfectly. My biggest gripe is with the quality of the text. The tops and bottoms and vertical lines across the lettering dont stay straight and seem inconsistent across the letters. I have "hangnails" and I have read about bumping the blade offset "a little" will help with that.. my machine is at .35 passes are 1.. what should I bump it to? People are cutting text way smaller than this and I dont know if my expectations are screwy or if there is maybe something I am missing. I would love to hear any input you have on either clearing up my expectations OR how i may be able to clean up my cuts.. Thank you and I hope to hear back from someone!