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  1. straw_hat

    DRV Error

    i have reached out. its just a slow process to get a reply at all. and when i do its just a single reply per day so getting things sorted or troubleshooting is hard. ill wait to see what they say since it has a brand new mother board.
  2. straw_hat

    DRV Error

    i did turn the grit rollers as stated in this thread since this was first thing i found about the drv error but when i contacted support they said to move the head not the rollers. but yeah i have tried both.
  3. straw_hat

    Motherboard question

    im not sure. i just swapped the MB with one us cutter support sent me. it wasnt that hard if you do find one to swap. i would assume the 3 has features or writing that isnt compatible with the titan2. just an assumption.
  4. straw_hat

    DRV Error

    This was the first suggestion from support. move the carriage to one end and back again a few times before powering on. for me it didnt help i still had the DRV error on my titan2. so i contacted support again and they sent out a new motherboard. i get it and its a bit different from the other but maybe revised and better now! (the x and y are also unlabeled so make sure you pay attention to how you wire it up) works well for small cuts under 1-2 minutes for a week or two. then i get a bigger project from a friend and went to cut it last night and mid way though maybe 3-4 minutes into the 5 minute print it stops.... so i look ever and it has "drv error" ugh really!!!! i turn it off and on again to see the error has gone away! i try my print again and not even 2 minutes into the cut it stops... drv error... so i then just turned it off for fear of it breaking itself or something. it is wired correctly, grounded, and was working fine for a bit. is the titan2 just wonky?