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  1. Yes, I see thank you! Would you consider either of the materials I posted originally "thick hard to cut items" *As I mentioned above the oilboard is .007" thick not .07" thick as it says on the page I linked
  2. Very helpful! I did see that post but thought there must be another since darcshadow said it was made by MzSkeeter. I will follow these instructions and report back.
  3. How do you account for the different variables when cutting twice? Just trial and error?
  4. Can't seem to find the post you are referring to. Maybe someone can share a link? I am using the Clean Cut 60* blades I saw recommended on this forum for use with thicker materials. Will check out the offset and see if that is the issue. Thanks! The oilboard is actually .007" thick not .07" that is mistake on pack secures website. So should be doable?
  5. Hey All! Just did my first test cuts on the CE6000-60 Plus never having used a cutter before or knowing anyone who has. I am very pleased with my first attempt and the performance of the cutter but still have a lot to learn. The material I am cutting is a bit thicker than traditional vinyl (I believe) I was hoping some more experience users might have some recommendations for what might be the optimal settings in cutting this material. Unfortunately I did not record the settings I used for this test cut and can't check at the moment. I also am interested in cutting this Oilboard which might be a bit more difficult since it doesn't come with a backing but I believe I can reuse the backing from the other stencilboard. So hopefully you can see from the attached photos some of the issues I ran into with this first test cut. 1. Th circles not closing properly. Not sure if this is an issue with the cutter settings or the illustrator file or that they are simply too small. The image used is a mirror reflection. Some circles would be perfect on one side and incomplete on the other side which leads me to believe it is the cutter and not the file. Not sure though. Possibly the material is shifting when being cut? 2. I read somewhere that when cut properly the blade should leave a faint cut mark on the backing but my test cut has not done this. In one of the photos you can see that the cut was not clean and left some material behind. 3. I created the file for this before I had even considered using it for vinyl cutting therefore some of the cutout are simply too close together which combined with my inexperience in weeding caused tearing of the thin connecting pieces. I believe this might have been minimized with more optimal cutting settings and more careful weeding. 4. When doing the actual test cut (triangle within a square test) the square would have 3 clean corners but one would be rounded. (not pictured) 5. The material bubbles out in the middle causing the blade to scratch across the across material as it moves from cut to cut. I considered this could be caused by a number of factors. The material was not pulled taut enough when set on the rollers? The blade was set too far out in the carrier? or maybe the material just dies that and there might not be a solution Overall for my first test cut I think it came our pretty good but I am excited to get cutting more. I greatly appreciate any help with the issues I have ran into so far and any tips, tricks and/or advice for cutting in general! Thank you!