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  1. julian keller

    Time to think about upgrades

    What are your thoughts on something like a solvent printer and printable vinyl?
  2. julian keller

    Time to think about upgrades

    Yea I am not going to be doing that many I do not think to justify the cost. How well does jpss or 3g hold up and the hand of them? I was looking at it but was unsure.
  3. julian keller

    Time to think about upgrades

    So back to this again. Been working a lot and also doing a lot of HTV shirts. So just an update, I am not doing any screen print unless it is a large order and only one color but doing a lot more HTV and the customers just love everything I have been doing and getting a lot of repeat business. So now I am looking at doing a full color print. I have looked at DTG and doing a lot of compare but the cost, even on a lease, I cannot justify right now. I have been looking at the printable paper but need to do a 10x10 to a 12x12 and most of the stuff I see is 11x17 or 8.5x11. I have a WF 1100 that says I can do A3 plus(13 in x 16.65) so that would be perfect. I am doing a LOT of 100% poly DARK shirts so low temp will be great and looking for a soft hand. I used SuperFilm Navy and just loved it as it had an amazing feel but being discontinued. Had to fight the dreaded platen lines for a bit but defeated that issue. Attached is the type of print that I am looking at doing. So in summary: 100% Polyester dark shirts Full color with some shading like only a DTG can do but without the huge expense Good to great washabillity 12x12 would be best low temp Soft hand Headache from reading too much and need a few drinks of 18 year Rum! Is this feasible without going the DTG route? Everyone has been a great help so far!
  4. julian keller

    Who's selling on Etsy

    Yea for the most part they do. I have been away from Etsy now for a few months. I have been focusing on schools and with sports coming up I have been getting more business. A few people from the school that are doing it without having the proper documentation that I was competing with found out that the school will not deal with anyone but a business. That was a nice win for me. I have already made shirts and cups for them and have a bunch more coming in. I just purchased a screen printing setup so i can do more and have a very large company wanting me to take on some shirts. That will be 70 shirts every few months at least up to 500 or more depending on what they are doing for the events and such. I am working on trying to get the 3000 shirt order they do every year!
  5. julian keller

    Who's selling on Etsy

    ABSOFREAKINGLOUTLY! Trying to compete with the crafters over there with no overhead other than the fees is next to impossible. They buy the cheap vinyl and sell dirt cheap. While you by quality and only offer the best, people are looking for a cheap option hence going to Etsy. If it lasts 2 months then they are fine with it as they only spent $2 for it. I took some advice from here and only do large items now. I might not get as many but I make a profit. I also do T-shirts and was just able to acquire a press so I can knock out those 50-100+ jobs I have been wanting to sink into from contacts i have made going to the networking get togethers that the chamber of commerce has every so often. I was wrong 2x and 15 years on the 3rd, 3 strikes or 3rd times the charm right...LOL
  6. julian keller

    Lucky Tackle box July 2018

    Not sure how many of you fish but I made 2 videos to show what I have been getting in my boxes. I am trying them out for about 3 months then will be changing to 3 other subscription boxes to compare them all. Hope you enjoy the videos, i try to keep them short and sweet. https://youtu.be/ledBVXldWkA
  7. julian keller

    HTV over reflective

    Sent you a PM
  8. julian keller

    HTV over reflective

    SO I have a shirt that I ordered that is a class 2 Hi-Vis safety shirt. It has the, what looks like HTV reflective tape, on the side right over the pocket. I tried to put a logo above the pocket but figured it would not bond to the reflective. Well after washing I was right. It held everywhere but there and while the logo can be repressed I know it will do it again. I am using Siser EW Stretch in white but also have Stahls Premium Plus as well if that helps. Has anyone dealt with this before and been able to have it bond and if so how did you get it to stay?
  9. julian keller

    Who's selling on Etsy

    I have a free amazon pro merchant account, a Merch by Amazon account, Facebook, and I go to car shows, art shows and stuff like that now. I also hoof it and talk to businesses and look at ones that have just filed for occupational licenses and State Business registrations and talk to them.
  10. julian keller

    Who's selling on Etsy

    Yea I closed mine up. Didn't see a good ROI from there.
  11. julian keller

    Printable vinyl

    Yea I cannot find it now but it was HTV. Maybe that is the reason i cannot find it now. I did read a few posts that are up that it was causing issues in laser printers and melting to the drum...That was my first thought when i saw it. Even the inkjet one that I had bookmarked is not coming up. Oh well. There is plenty of transfer paper though.
  12. julian keller

    Printable vinyl

    Yea they make it. Some is decent but some is really really bad. I have some that I am going to be testing soon. They also have some for color laser printers too. Not sure how good that is but going to test it out when I get the chance. On another note, for a coffee shop where the mugs and such are going to subject to high heat and repeated abuse every day, you should only do Sublimation. Some of the commercial dishwashers go up to 180 fahrenheit with a sustained temp of 150. Then you have to figure that they will be using a detergent. No way any vinyl I know of will stand up to even one wash like that. Also you might want to check and see if you can sub it out and still make $$$.
  13. julian keller

    Where are the Amazon sellers?

    Amazon is real tricky. I just got my approvals from them to start selling my large decals and shirts using my own Sku's. Had to send them a spreadsheet of all the products, my own Sku's, Photos, and other stuff. You have to do this for each new product but not a variation of one that you already have approval for, you just create a new ASIN. For small decals, it is just not worth it.
  14. julian keller

    Where are the Amazon sellers?

    It is a real pain. I am still working though that. I get a free Pro account but dang it man they make it tough.
  15. julian keller

    how are they selling so cheap?

    I see it a LOT around here. Not sure where they are getting the shirts from or the vinyl. Maybe they are using cheap vinyl but not 100% sure. I see then from 8-10 myself and I just can't compete with that with taxes and crap. They are not doing it legal from what I see as I have looked up a few of them and nothing anywhere is found. Now some I see are screen printed and I can see them being cheap for a bunch of the same design but not HTV with a custom name or whatever.