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  1. Experience with Cad-Cut Vinyl?

    I used a few of their products, Glitter flake, Reflective, Foil, Cad-cut premium. They are sending me a few samples to try some others. I use Siser also and UScutter has a turbo poli-flex that is, I think, applied at 265 degrees that would be nice for nylon and other performance wear that I want to try. I was able to layer with the glitter flake and foil but the adhesive you have to use for the foil is a bit hard if you don't peel it right when the press comes up. I liked it but still undecided about it. Here in FLA I am getting a lot of requests for poly-cotton blends or 100% poly. The lower the temps the better I feel so the UScutter turbo is on it's way to me to test out.
  2. Trying to get this all figured out

    Well the 2 shirts I made for some people that went to a Disney run looks like it paid off! I am getting more orders as they posted photos and gave credit to me. I have 6 more people wanting upwards of 10 shirts at least. Not much but a start at least.
  3. Trying to get this all figured out

    AH Great! I just looked them up. Going to put in a small order for 25.
  4. Trying to get this all figured out

    Interesting, so do you also do the plastic signs? I assume you just cut, put transfer paper on and roll up to ship in a tube. I just did a few 20x24 for a farm in South Carolina that a friend referred to me plus I have a 10x20 wall decal that is cutting right now that i have to layer and ship to the same people. I don't have people come to the house but go to them as I am either going to work or going out at least once a day anyway to pick up one thing or another and just drop it off to them.
  5. Trying to get this all figured out

    So do you sub out to get the transfers or do you do them yourself? I was looking at a few places to do that in case I get a large order at one point as I do not have room yet to do it. But as soon as my son and daughter-in-law move out I will have 2 rooms for all my equipment.
  6. Trying to get this all figured out

    How do you go about marketing yourself in your area? I have been handing out cards and doing social media for right now.
  7. Trying to get this all figured out

    Well heck I can make one of those from the old rollers from the conveyor lines I got from work! The room though is a different story...lol! I have all my metal working, wood working, and electronics bench in the garage so I don't have much room if any.
  8. Trying to get this all figured out

    Absolutely I would! What size starting would you say is big?
  9. Trying to get this all figured out

    It is pretty common here that they will do it. I even had it done a few times because I did not have the time to do it myself. Yes, I agree about the risk and let them know beforehand. I am taking the tips here and considering them. I very well may change my thoughts. I don't have my stock of shirts at the moment so if they bring some then it is a quicker turnaround time is what my thought is. I see what you are saying though.
  10. Trying to get this all figured out

    Yes I would and have a labor charge plus shop supplies. I would be turning away potential customers and profit if not.
  11. So I just started my business. Granted it is on the side and I have already done 3 smaller orders, one was for a person that owns a mid size business and this was for his Half marathon this weekend, he asked about me doing logos for his company if he provides the shirts. Sounds great to me. Now for the struggling part. I have been reading up on pricing, getting all my ducks in a row and paying the Government for all the licensing. I don't have a sign shop near me and the closest is 20+ miles away in bad traffic. No sooner as I start this up all these ads start popping up from people using Cricuts and silhouettes to do decals and shirts. There were none for the past 3 weeks, I checked to see what I would have as competition. Michaels and Joanns had a sale and sure enough they started coming up. They are going WAY cheap. Cheaper than I can from my calculations with all the fees, materials, and equipment that I bought to make a *profit* to start getting a ROI. Has anyone came up on this type of flood from Stay At home Mom's and Dad's that want to start doing everything I am doing? Granted they cannot do the larger stuff like I can but just starting out it looks like it will cut into my customer base. I am trying to market myself as a reliable business and stand out over them but with what they are charging it is tough. Kinda like the Made In USA vs China cheap. They are doing 5x5 decals for $1-$2 on cheaper vinyl. I can't bring myself to use that stuff and sacrifice quality but people want cheap and most don't care if it lasts 6 months or less. Quitting my job is not an option to do this full time as I am up for a promotion and will be a decent increase to my yearly income.
  12. Hello from FLA

    I didn't get the chance until now to say hello. I jumped into the biz and use the brains that were on the forum along with a TON of research to start up my vinyl shop. I work a full time job and on my 3 off days work on the vinyl stuff. Right now, in the last few days, I have had 3 orders and more on the way. One order was for a car club and I hope to get the contract for them(400+ members) as they are always running out of decals for members. Anywho, I am glad I found this site as it has a ton of info that I have been reading till my eyes feel like sandpaper.
  13. CNC Signs

    @mark-s What CNC do you have?
  14. Remove/Delete color

    Perfect! Thanks.
  15. Remove/Delete color

    In the image below when I send this to cut I check the box to separate by color. However, it is giving me a phantom color that I do not have in my graphic. I do not know where this is coming from as I do not see it on my design space. How can i get rid of this or can I just not cut this part when it asks and continue with the other colors?