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  1. Who's selling on Etsy

    I have a free amazon pro merchant account, a Merch by Amazon account, Facebook, and I go to car shows, art shows and stuff like that now. I also hoof it and talk to businesses and look at ones that have just filed for occupational licenses and State Business registrations and talk to them.
  2. Who's selling on Etsy

    Yea I closed mine up. Didn't see a good ROI from there.
  3. Printable vinyl

    Yea I cannot find it now but it was HTV. Maybe that is the reason i cannot find it now. I did read a few posts that are up that it was causing issues in laser printers and melting to the drum...That was my first thought when i saw it. Even the inkjet one that I had bookmarked is not coming up. Oh well. There is plenty of transfer paper though.
  4. Printable vinyl

    Yea they make it. Some is decent but some is really really bad. I have some that I am going to be testing soon. They also have some for color laser printers too. Not sure how good that is but going to test it out when I get the chance. On another note, for a coffee shop where the mugs and such are going to subject to high heat and repeated abuse every day, you should only do Sublimation. Some of the commercial dishwashers go up to 180 fahrenheit with a sustained temp of 150. Then you have to figure that they will be using a detergent. No way any vinyl I know of will stand up to even one wash like that. Also you might want to check and see if you can sub it out and still make $$$.
  5. Where are the Amazon sellers?

    Amazon is real tricky. I just got my approvals from them to start selling my large decals and shirts using my own Sku's. Had to send them a spreadsheet of all the products, my own Sku's, Photos, and other stuff. You have to do this for each new product but not a variation of one that you already have approval for, you just create a new ASIN. For small decals, it is just not worth it.
  6. Where are the Amazon sellers?

    It is a real pain. I am still working though that. I get a free Pro account but dang it man they make it tough.
  7. how are they selling so cheap?

    I see it a LOT around here. Not sure where they are getting the shirts from or the vinyl. Maybe they are using cheap vinyl but not 100% sure. I see then from 8-10 myself and I just can't compete with that with taxes and crap. They are not doing it legal from what I see as I have looked up a few of them and nothing anywhere is found. Now some I see are screen printed and I can see them being cheap for a bunch of the same design but not HTV with a custom name or whatever.
  8. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    Yea something is off. I think it might be old vinyl IMO. Sounds like the it has some break down and and is not able to bond properly. Only way to really know is order some and test it. I have not had any issues with any I have ordered....so far. From all I have read before starting is that every vinyl has a self life. It degrades quicker if not stored properly which may be the case here. No telling how long she has had that stock is there?
  9. Tin Mugs Sub prints

    it is a silicone wrap with a metal part that you use with the transfers. you put the transfers on, and tape them with heat tape, put the wrap on it and tighten it then put in an oven or toaster oven. EDIT: This thing: http://www.cactusmugs.com/howto.php
  10. to sell printer or not to sell

    LOL! Yea right, My wife is not ready for all of this yet.
  11. Speed/Force consensus

    yea I only tried the 651 on mine that small and it did that same thing. Never tried it on HTV. However, you have the servo model so that killed my theory on that(I have the stepper)...LOL Now I wonder if the carrier adhesive and the stretch may be a factor in it.
  12. Speed/Force consensus

    I had the same question and it came down to how small is too small. I was trying 1/8 and would get the issue really bad but on 1/4 it was not an issue. I would use only the 60 and my speed was around 30(Titan), force 120- 140, and blade depth set just barely halfway from the carrier and vinyl. I just could not get the small letters done right with any of the many settings I tried but then again I also see that using a stepper vs servo matters as well. I see that one of the Graphtech can do 1/4 without issue but again it all is a matter of dialing in and the blade used. I think I was just going past the limit of what i could do on mine.
  13. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    I quote mine with a day extra that way they have time to set at least 24hrs. Then with the extra day that they wear it then wash I am pretty much safe. I also add a little card with care instructions just for that added insurance and explain it at the time of pickup.
  14. Platen cover?

    LOL! I did the same thing with the same thought as you. it helps a lot more that I can say. I have a local seamstress that is willing to put the stretch ends on for $10 so I am still coming out cheaper. Look on AMZ as I spent $9 for 3 large sheets.
  15. to sell printer or not to sell

    If she is ready then that just about answers that and she wants some cutter gone. Happy wife and all that...LOL I have been thinking about expanding myself to a printer in about 6 months or so. Still having to fight for clients from the stay-at-home moms that are flooding the market right now. Putting myself in your shoes, I would cut back, enjoy my trips with the wife without having to worry about the equipment and smell the roses! I know I just enjoyed my 2 weeks in Seattle/Vancouver/Alaska with the wife. Time is one thing you cannot get back so enjoy it if you have the chance.