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  1. Changing text

    I have tried that it's not letting me highlight it after I click the a it's not letting me highlight it
  2. Have printed an object for a customer and they want more but want the font changed in the entry-level version of vinylmaster will not let me do it
  3. I have the entry-level version of vinylmaster I have cut a graphic already the same graphic I want to cut now but I want to change the font in the software will not let me do it any suggestions



      try ungrouping the design. 

  4. T-shirt software

    I have tried the video they are not working
  5. T-shirt software

    When i watched the video and tried it it just cut the square and not the image
  6. T-shirt software

    I watch the videos the problem I had today was I was trying to cut out a simple design around the outside that had lines on the inside and could not get to software to just cut the outside the lines
  7. T-shirt software

    I have herd good things about flexi
  8. T-shirt software

    I have a 721 from us cutter with vinlymaster and coreldraw i bought it used and have no suport need to figure some thing out need to start makibg money
  9. T-shirt software

    I'm new to the vinyl industry and looking for the simplest t-shirt and sign making software