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    Sublimation smears.

    @WildgooseOn the mouse pad I used a cover sheet. Not on the tumbler. I think on the mouse pad, I hear pressed it to get out moisture for 10 seconds and I put on the transfer. I think that is when I got the smear. As for the tumbler, I'm guessing when i took off the paper is when it got smeared. Is it best for me to set it to the side to cool then take off the paper or right when it comes off heat, take it off quick and not touching any other part of tumbler? Thanks for you advice by the way. I appreciate it.
  2. Coach P

    Sublimation smears.

    I'm a total newbie. I sublimated a mouse pad and a travel drinking tumbler. Both of them got some ink smears sublimated on them. Do I have to wait to take off paper or how long do I let the ink dry on the paper it was printed on before applying to product being made?