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  1. Hi All, I am having an issue where my blade holder is dragging/skidding along the surface of the HTV. You can hear a "friction" sound when it happens (kinda like tires on asphalt) It mainly happens on long, straight cuts...left to right. The resulting cut is perforated and not clean. I set my blade depth based on Ms. Skeeterz instructions...just enough to cut the material, lightly score the carrier, and weed clean (aside from this skidding). I'm using the recommended force for the material. Any thoughts? Thanks, Nick
  2. No, OSX is running on the mac and Win 10 is running on a Lenovo Thinkpad. I got it to work. recreating the file on the PC Illustrator CC cut very nicely. Thanks for all the help.
  3. You're right, i use the Illustrator CM4 plugin, but when you send the job to cut/plot it also loads the cutting master 4 software that you included in your screenshot, so that may come into play. I will check that location you suggest and see if the settings conflict. I'm also wondering if the Mac CS5 file opened in Windows CC may have some corruption/conflict...I've never seen that before, but i suppose it's possible. I will also try to recreate the file fresh on the PC and see if it has the same issues. Thanks for the thoughts.
  4. I've got a CE6000-60 that works perfectly with my mac desktop and Illustrator CS5. In preparation for going mobile with my heat pressing setup, i picked up a Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 10 and Adobe Creative Cloud (read - cheaper than macbook). I got the graphtec software installed, I can send jobs to the cutter, but no matter what settings I apply to the cutter or the Graphtec software, the cuts are super jagged and look horrendous. I've tried every offset, force, speed...nothing seems to stick or make a difference. cut the same file on my mac...works perfectly. Thoughts?