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    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    Okay, now I'm a little ashamed, but happu at the same time It was only the roller which was slightly unaligned with the grit, and then, as I wasn't seeing shit, it just stopped Thanks a lot, guys!!
  2. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    It stopped working right after the hard reset, then I upgrade it :/
  3. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    Cause, as I said, it was properly working, despite of this display issue The problem is that I hard reset it and now I'm not able to set its parameters, cause I've never did it before and I can't see anything
  4. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    So it doesn't pay off to fix it, right? What about blindly set its parameters based on another machine? Like hard reset both, then the steps taken to set one are the same as the ones to set the other...right?
  5. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    I'm not sure if my "right" button is working, too... I'm reading the manual, and I think I'm stuck at setting the Command/ Interface conditions, but as I can't see, I need a video of someone doing, or someone who did a hard reset on a machine like that, and I simply follow his steps What are the odds of this happening?
  6. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec ce-5000 help

    What If I can't set up the plotter cause the display is messed up?
  7. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    It was like that already (the display messed up) , but it worked fine I turned it on, it read the 3 "wheels", then it went to origin point and then stopped. The problem was that it started to unroll all my vynil (50 meters / 100+ feet) so I thought I have did something bad. So, this in the adittion of the display issue, it came to my mind to hard reset it and upgrade the firmware, then I did it. Now I have a machine that I can't change setting because I can't see anything. The situation right now is: I turn it on, it read the first and the second "wheels", and it stops on the third (but I cannot really see what's written on the display) Thanks.
  8. Victor Chimango

    Graphtec CE 5000 120 issue

    Hey guys, how are you? I'm mad already... well the thing is: I have a graphtec CE5000 and its display is a mess cause it’s showing some weird characters, and I’m almost sure it’s not a language... We were using the plotter at the company, but today I had a non related issue with it and I did a hard reset I’ve just begun to work with signs, vinyls, etc and I can’t work anymore As you guys know, Brazil has absurd prices because of its messed up politics, and that’s why I’d need someone to help me... If we can’t reach to a point where I can fix the display, at least I’d want to change the settings based on someone’s else video of settings, idk... Thanks