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  1. HVBilliards

    Tracing Help

    Thank you Haumana! I was able to work with what you attached and came up with a couple of different cuts. I really appreciate the help! Thank you as well Darcshadow. That is pretty much what i did in combination with what Haumana provided for me.
  2. HVBilliards

    Tracing Help

    I was asked to cut these for window decals but this is the best file that was sent to me and I am not able to get this to trace well enough to cut in 3 layers. Can anyone provide me with some tips on what I can do on this item? Thanks in advance! Todd
  3. HVBilliards

    Hello from a new guy

    Right now I'm not really sure what all I will get myself into. My initial goal was to be able to make my own items for the pool league I run to save some money on my expenses. Now I am looking at everything I can do and getting all kinds of ideas in my head!!
  4. HVBilliards

    Hello from a new guy

    Hello, thought I would pop in and introduce myself. I am from Ohio and recently purchased a SG400 and the SC2 after reading though many of the helpful threads here. I am a league operator for a pool league and there are many products I can now make on my own to support and award the players that play in my area. I also hope to grow a little outside of the pool industry but will always work for my first love, pool. I look forward to learning from you all as I begin this adventure!! Thanks for reading and I am open to any beginner tips or tricks you may have to offer. Todd