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    What do you use?

    I didn't really have luck with Inkscape. It seemed no matter what I did it always had some sort of issue and you have taken a long time to get it cleaned up
  2. MikeTX

    What do you use?

    What software are you using to convert images to vector? How much extra work after running the trace are you having to do? Thanks in advance.
  3. MikeTX

    Question about dimensions.

    Yeah, I have tried, he is our dog trainer and he tends to forget or get busy. I've been trying to get the measurements from him for over a month.
  4. MikeTX

    Question about dimensions.

    Yeah, online that's all I seem to fine unless you pay. Was hoping someone on here has done one already or has access to one.
  5. MikeTX

    Question about dimensions.

    I'm trying to find out the dimension of a front door for a 2004 F250. Really just need the area below the window. looking to size a decal for the door.