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  1. Totallynutz

    Reflective Vinyl help

    Thank you bud. Will Check it out. Customer is supposed to get back to me on how big he wants his design. Even tho i can only go up to about 24" wide unless im able to split the image up . Ya i knew it wouldnt be 651 etc, I was saying what i use . If Someone has some that would be helpful possibly as well.
  2. Totallynutz

    Reflective Vinyl help

    I have a customer who is looking for a decal to be made out of reflective black so when the lights hit at night it does what its supposed to . I looked on uscutter but wasnt sure what to use. I use 651 and 751 vinyl normally and have no clue what i can use that will last but not break the bank in reflective. Thank you .
  3. Thank You Slice&Dice . It wont be sent to a online source but possibly a local source. But that info is also great as well.
  4. I have a customer that needs a design created to have printed .Im still waiting to see what they are actually wanting ,but they have been coming to me for awhile .Soooo How do i setup my Document first? Do i use rgb or cmyk and what format etc do i do i save it as like png,tiff.jpeg etc and what resolution should it be saved as for best quality etc.. I tried looking this up but i guess i dont know the proper words to find what i need. I just bought a monitor calibrator from Datacolor as well. Thank you very much. B.
  5. Totallynutz

    Need some help please

    I have a customer wanting this font " Electrical Contractors" but i cant seem to find anything dead on and connected like it . Thank you for your time.
  6. Totallynutz

    Lost and need your guys help!!

    Thank You @Wildgoose
  7. Totallynutz

    Lost and need your guys help!!

    How do you make an outline in Illustrator wildgoose?
  8. Totallynutz

    Font Help

    check out -- Capitolium 2 (Light)
  9. Totallynutz

    How do I cut decals larger than my cutter?

    Depending on the design, Make a copy of it first or as needed. You can make a very very thin long(Tall) rectangle like a sliver and use to split the image apart into sections etc. then align them together on the wall by joining the 2 large images to make one or several.
  10. Totallynutz

    Hi and thank you

    Sorry ,Let me clarify lol. I was referring to the heatpress and htv. Thank you
  11. Totallynutz

    Hi and thank you

    I did a little searching on this .So many different brands and htv vinyl/ do you have a suggestion on what would be a good machine etc. I am not really limited to much on funds.
  12. Totallynutz

    Cross with praying hands and rosary

    Take the image and use this website called Use the balance scale and you will get the image you want.
  13. Totallynutz

    Hi and thank you

    Thank you everyone
  14. Totallynutz

    Hi and thank you

    Just wanted to say hi to all. Was learning a lot from my uncle for the past 2 years before he got sick and passed away this year. He was into making stencils for selling painted wood craft signs and single layer decals he made using a pcut plotter i think with sure cuts 4 . But it was starting to have issues and then he passed .I guess you can call it a going away gift but he had bought me a new titan 2 sometime last year which was hidden away until my aunt found it with my name on it in the garage and i just opened it up last week and got it setup and did a few test cuts and so far its working great.I am only looking into making decals as he did but for my friends for now. Bobby