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  1. CoatingArms

    Lost and need your guys help!!

    That's what I am doing but wanted to know if there was a way to do it in SCALP4. Occasionally there is something that comes up that would be great if I could quickly fix it while I'm in SCALP4 rather that going back to the drawing board or fixing it with Illustrator.
  2. CoatingArms

    Lost and need your guys help!!

    Excellent description 88x. I learned to press mixed colors the same way. I've just started using SCALP4 recently, but have much more experience for preparing graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. When combining multiple colors of an image with cut vinyl, is there a way in SCALP4 to prepare the colors to "trap" so there won't be a small keyline or separation showing the background fabric or material? You need a small amount of the colors overlaying each other to solve this problem and haven't noticed anything in SCALP4 to fix this so I have been taking the extra step to prepare these images in Illustrator or Photoshop. I would really like to be able to take care of this in SCALP4. Use my user logo as an example - where the red meets the black keyline border.
  3. CoatingArms

    vinylcutter printing issue

    What cutting software are you using? Is it limited to one registered user?
  4. CoatingArms

    A Fix for HTV Cutting Problems

    You'll get your money back in vinyl you don't waste or ruin.
  5. CoatingArms

    A Fix for HTV Cutting Problems

    You will not be wasting your time. Start with small pieces to make sure your cutting depth/pressure is correct. Note: don't let the rollers run over the exposed sheet, they will pick and remove the sheet coating - cover those area with scraps before you run. Running normal vinyl on the sheet may stick and peel the paper backing where the rollers have gone over it. Good luck!
  6. Just getting back into the game after many years and I instantly ran into a problem I was trying to solve with HTV and a Titan2. More times than not when I had to cut HTV it would bunch between the rollers and the blade. No adjustments fixed all of the problems. So - rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and wasting a lot more vinyl, I just ordered a carrier sheet and affixed the HTV to it before cutting. No more problems AND I can still use those smaller pieces for cutting. One thing to be aware of - make sure your rollers are on the vinyl (even add scrap here) and not running across the carrier sheet or the rollers can tack up and remove the carrier sheet coating. I have had zero issues since going this route with cutting the HTV.
  7. CoatingArms

    Hey Y'all

    Just getting back into vinyl cutting after being away for nearly 25 years. Thankfully many things have changed for the better. Stencil cutting led to vinyl cutting which led to heat pressing. Got my hands full with the complete crash course ;-)