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    small printer conversion to solvent

    First of all heating is not an important thing on a small desktop printer, not likely will do outdoor banners or vehicle wrap. When I used my old Rolland CJ 500 most of the time I did not even used the heater, than again mostly I printed real estate magnetic signs, some lasted up to 4 years. The Epson print head on a desktop printer can handle the eco solvent ink but sometime the manifold will fail sooner then later., Tubes will have to be changed to solvent ink us, they are available on ebay,,, for a use of Cis you can make them easy yourself,, biggest issue is using ink cartridges that solvent compatible. I am currently testing some and may have found ones that will hold up to eco solvent ink.
  2. fdoyal51

    Printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

    I have been working on my Epson WF 1100 printer trying to convert it to Eco Solvent ink.. so far I am not having any luck using using ink CSS that could stand up to solvent ink, within 6 hrs it would start melting down the CSS. Also goes for the ink cartridges,, they start leaking at the bottom as it fits into the manifold. If I can overcome this two issues then I would have an Eco Solvent desktop printer. First of all the print head worked just fine, no sign of manifold damage, ink pump tubes seams to holding up as well. As for the ink CSS,,, I can make some of those out of solvent resistant Plastic bottles, very easy to do. As far as the ink cartridges go I am in the dark on that for now....however I think small dampers can be used instead of cartridges, which I may try.. Right now I am waiting for shipment on the solvent resistant 5 gang ink tubes. I may add that a lot of the Epson WF 1100 and compatible printers are being converted out of Mexico as I have seen on youtube, so it can be done!