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  1. I’ve managed to get it working all I had to do was download winline software One very happy man
  2. i will give it ago and let you know later thanks guys
  3. Thanks for your reply’s I have installed FDTI drivers when plugged in it comes up as com 4
  4. I brought it second hand the previous owner used signblazer
  5. Pleaae Please help im going Mad i Have a creation cr630 cant get it to work its driving me MAd i downloaded signblazer and the fdti Drivers as its only USB connection but it will not comunicate with signblazer when i go to cut and select cutter there is only pcut ct630 and not cr630 ive made sure all the comport settings are the same in the programme and the device manager. i watched a video on youtube which said use inkscape and Arduino this is the link below when i use inkscape and send the image to the plotter it just randomly moves and doesnt cut what ive sent to the plotter ive been at it for 2 weeks and really need help ive checked everywhere im using windows 7 laptop and tried on windows 10 laptop still the same results
  6. If I install Arduino and Ink scape the plotter moves Randomly when I send the image to cut I can’t get it to move with signblazer it’s driving me mad
  7. I’ve loaded the FTDI drivers still the same message
  8. I have brought a second hand creation pcut 630 and I can’t get it to work with my laptop the cutter has only usb connection and when I plugged it in it’s says unrecognised device driver not installed I’ve tried different drivers still can’t get it to work I am using signblazer