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  1. So A club I deal with wants a new outdoor sign, the one they have now is maybe 4 foot by 6 foot maybe its a banner. they want something that will hold up in the weather (wind,rain,snow (maybe) this is GA we don't get much snow. But anyways they know i do vinyl stuff and asked what would be the best material for such a thing.  I have only used  Corrugated blanks,  I have used smaller ones, 2x3 ft maybe, And the wind seems to really bend them if not supported well. 4x8foot

    I thought about maybe just putting vinyl on Plexiglass but unless it was pretty thick there is chance of it cracking . needs to be kinda strong so the grass cutter cant crack it with a rock or something.


    any suggestions? they like to keep it cheap as possible.




  2. Thanks for asking that i was wondering if the 651 would be okay or not on a banner.. i probably will be getting some for Christmas signs for the yard this year. so mine just need to last hopefully a few years for what 5 weeks out in the weather. i normally start decorating to turn on on Thanksgiving and take down on New years day. I have one sign with 651 on it out in the weather now its been there 2 months in the wide open sun,rain. whatever and still looks as good as the day i made it. its on coraplat sign. wasn't sure about banners




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  3. A local Vinyl shop just posted today that they now have in stock Inkjet printable HTV selling it in sheets of 8 1/4 x 11 $2.25-2.99 depending if you want light or dark.. I never heard of this before I thought to be able to print your own you needed a 8K printer


  4. I just made a oracal 651 decal for someone to go on a wall i tried talking them into a picture frame as i have made a few lately for my parents and my wifes parents but this lady ( a friend of mine) says she just wants it on the wall, they rent so i hope it come off okay whenever they happen to move. personally i've not stuck anything to a wall. the walls in this place not sure what to call it. its pretty smooth but not drywall.


  5. 19 hours ago, arty-rc said:

    A few weeks ago my wife's old desktop quit working. Thankfully, I keep up with our backups. After many tests I determined that the mother board was bad. I spent the next weeks shopping around for another unit with what she wanted for the right price. Today, during our weekly travels, we stopped by a local Thrift Store.  They were having a huge sale so we started looking around. The first room I went in had a computer in it's original box, with a keypad and mouse. When I asked them if it worked I was told that if it was in a box, it was not tested. I took a gamble and bought it. Long story short, when I got home I hooked it up and it worked. It was not even password protected. It's an HP, Quad-core, 1TB hard drive, 6GB Ram, Light scribe DVD, and Windows 7 that was upgraded to Windows 10.

    Here's the kicker.The price sticker was $10.00. With the sale discount, they told me it would cost, with sales tax, $2.68. Yes, two dollars and sixty eight cents.    

    Gotta love those Thrift Stores:):)


    WOW... Some people Never myself have all the luck.... I guess I need to start going into Thief stores however there slim in my part of town.. I have heard story's like this from good wills, and I always thought Good will was only for really poor people to shop at. Witch I would fit in but i mean like homeless types.


  6. Talking about Football teams like GA bulldogs and Alabama and Atlanta braves Big known teams and companys like Monster energy drinks and things along those lines. There is a guy driving around in a Dale Earnhardt NASCAR theme truck. i know cause he wanted me to add more to his truck and i told him i couldn't cause be copyright now sure how the last guy that did it for him got by with it.


  7. 3 hours ago, hotrodz0321 said:

    Sorry, I meant to quote eprvinyls. 

    This is my part time gig as well. I am a college nursing professor so I don’t want to give that up but I really enjoy building this decal business and I am happy with it not being a full time job. I turn down just about every job offered to me here in town because I just like the way online sales work now that I have it figured out. I’m glad it’s working out for you!

    Since its part time for you and you enjoy doing online, how do people local to you find out about you to want stuff done? That seems to be my issue is no one knows I do it here in my town. And i have seems like 20+ others around the outside of my town doing it too.. but they mostly do small stuff if i could get bigger jobs I would do them.



  8. 7 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    Uline sells any size box you need.  You figure the shipping and supplies in with the price, is the best option.  

    There is plenty of vector clipart out there. You need to invest in designs.. Not sit there  and spin your wheels.  Just because it may look close to someone else, doesn't mean it won't sell  for you. Change it to suit you.  It's a vector after all.  Change the color,   change the size. Only buy vector clipart, that you have permission to use the design.  Tons out there,  You must not be looking.  It not not matter, it you buy from a designer who sells to everyone one. You have the license to sell it also, as long as they are a legal seller of the designs. You won't own the designs, You have a license to USE the designs.. You could never sell their designs.  (clipart).  Go to Vectorstock and many other sites and look.  They have millions of images. 

    Why is that cutter a pain over 3 ft.?  And I sell many 3 ft and less designs for over $40.. Many people on here use an SC  and SC2 for big designs. 

    If you would start making over $60 an hour like I do.,  (decals only) you would be saying "BRING IT ON"  !!!  I created my own business,  in 2006, before I ever knew of this forum,  and I just keep adding to it.  Big decals are so much faster and easier to do then those little ones. 

    Thanks for the info, I will check that site out, never knew anything like that was available, Ive been trying to come up with my own stuff so not to get in trouble with copyright or trademarks.

    No clue you could find files and or buy files that you could sell.. I guess Ive just not found the right part of this hobby yet. as someone who's been out of work for a yr i would love to make even $25 a hour if i could make it for at least a few hours a day right now i would love to make $100 a week that would be a HUGE help but so far only money i've made was from a family reunion t shirts bunch i did for my wifes dad side of the family.


  9. On 6/4/2018 at 10:53 AM, MZ SKEETER said:

    they are selling quantity and are self insuring themselves.  They just use stamps. Not tracking.. All they have to do it pop another one out for the cost of a stamp or 2, if a buyer complains never received. .   4 oz with tracking  is $2.66  printed online.  That is the cheapest.  That is why my niche' is big decals.  Your competing with those Cricut, Silhouette sellers, using cheap vinyl.   I am not.  :D  I started with big decals.  I only make some smaller to get rid of scrap.  Those are free for me.   Where are your $25.00- $50 decals?  That sets you apart from those cheap sellers. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought you had a standard size vinyl cutter. 24"-30". 

    I do have a 24 inch cutter but trying to cut anything over 3 foot with it is a pain but honestly i don't have a clue what kinda design to try to sell that could make $25 each on. or a set or whatever. Guess im just not that good at coming up wish designs that isn't a copy of someones out there already.

    how do you ship bigger decals? small ones mine are 6x6 up to 10x10 inch now. those would fit in a padded envelope with some cardboard around them thats how i have shipped so far. bigger then that would need be i guess rolled up and put in a box.?


  10. 19 hours ago, hotrodz0321 said:

    Get out of the small decal biz. That’s for the scrapbooking moms with craft cutters. Find a niche selling decals for 40-100$ bucks a piece and say goodbye to making a couple bucks each sale.

    your the 2nd to say that but i just don't know what to try to sell I really don't want to sell Decals at all would rather sell just t shirts but no luck at those either.

  11. 6 hours ago, Wildgoose said:

    You might try putting something on the back that is an advertisement. I have heard of people who put "Ask me who made this shirt" on the back to let people know that it's OK to ask. 

    Ive thought about that, But Ive also had people say something other random shirts ive worn out before. witch was gotten from a store or online store.


  12. 20 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    My "CUSTOM" and yours is different.  I have over 1500 designs advertised.. If they want that design changed in size, (if I can)  It is a "CUSTOM" order.   I won't do little stuff,  so some stuff I won't do.  I keep my designs  BIG.. that is where the money is.     There is plenty of vector clipart out there that can be resized,  Buy with a license to use it. And good clean vectors are not cheap. But they save you time and money.  

    A business does not have to give you any number,  Many businesses are run under sole proprietors,, and under their SS # and  unless they are real dumb, no one is going to tell you their SS number.  I am NOT an employer. I run my businesses by myself, just like most sellers on Ebay, Amazon, Facebook and other small businesses.  

      EIN  is an Employer number.   We don't have employees.    So where is your EIN number?   LOL

     The Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or the Federal Tax Identification Number, is a uniquenine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification.

    My EIN number is right here in my business Folder. with all my other paper work, As i could find online it seemed that was pretty much the only legal thing you needed to do to operate as a Sole proprietor business. so i was trying to be legal about it and signed up for one with the IRS website. I also decided to get one in case i wanted to open a separate bank account it said it would help with that.

    So your saying anyone can sell anything they wish in the Vinyl world w/o any type of IRS number just by using there SS number?


  13. 3 hours ago, julian keller said:

    I see it a LOT around here. Not sure where they are getting the shirts from or the vinyl.  Maybe they are using cheap vinyl but not 100% sure. I see then from 8-10 myself and I just can't compete with that with taxes and crap. They are not doing it legal from what I see as I have looked up a few of them and nothing anywhere is found.  Now some I see are screen printed and I can see them being cheap for a bunch of the same design but not HTV with a custom name or whatever.

    Yeah that is my thoughts, no way there running a real business bet if i messaged them asking them for there EIN number they be like my what? and say oh they just do it for fun money or something on the side. I guess if you have a full time job and only do it on the side you can afford to sell cheap.

    3 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    I don't do shirts, only decals, but the  word "CUSTOM" means more money in my mind. It's more time.   And I do charge more for "CUSTOM" orders. .  I also write "CUSTOM" on the ad title and the ad description.  

    Well, I think some of them just pick a theme/logo/design and put it out there for sale, that is what your getting when you buy it, no chance of having them make something different so they end up selling some cheap. I have a hard time trying to come up with things that people would want. have designed a few shirts and so far sold none of them so me and the wife wear them out, keep hoping someone to say oh nice shirt where you buy it and be able hand them a business card but so far that hasn't happened either


  14. Okay so over the past few weeks i keep seeing people posting custom shirts on facebook local groups for like $10 a shirt. or $12 a shirt how are they selling so cheap? are they looking at it as well if i sell 100 shirts at $10 i will make $1000 but if i only sell 20 shirt cause there $20 im only making $400.

    cause i know when i first got into doing this i looked around and seen some peoples prices and i just manly came up with shirt price, HTV price added those together and put in $5-8 for myself to make..

    We all have to buy the shirts and HTV at some point but do some people just sell cheaper to make sure there able to sell a lot of shirts? I mean i can make a shirt in about a hour if its a new design and the customer replies right back to me on saying they like the design or not. even tho this hasn't happened it so far its been friends and they tell me what they want and we talk back and forth over a few days i get the shirt i get the colors of HTV then we agree on the design then i make it.

    just looking for input i guess. Ive got a web store and got it linked on my facebooks and its on the front of my truck ive had Zero sales from it. Im just thinking of lowering my prices or just put free shipping one or the other. right not there like $18 shipped.  maybe $12 would sell or maybe just no ones been to my site. not sure... I feel my name is still isnt out there good enough yet.