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    what tape top use for doing layers?

    thanks everyone I did one the way the guy in the video did his and it was near perfect.I was doing it the hard way thanks for showing me the correct way
  2. eprcvinyls

    what tape top use for doing layers?

    Okay ive messed up vinyl trying to do layers my clear tape is so strong it pulls up the bottom image or anything it touches i guess i need low tape transfer tape please help i don't want to keep messing up vinyl was trying to do a Flag. so its 3 colors and the 2nd layer pulled up the first. so bad i just threw it away
  3. eprcvinyls

    what tape top use for doing layers?

    doing my Flag it would all be the same cause it has to overlap everything so still not 100 sure how i would do it. cause 3 layers and well if i layed the top layer on top of the tranfer paper for the middle layer that wouldn't work Someone PM me asking about my Clear tranfer paper saying it not real Tranfer tape cause it has a backing. so is the kind w.o a backing better? this is just what i replied to them this is where i got it from on the back of it i see oratape Application tape MT80P just from looking around watching youtube videos some of the clear tape does have a backing like mine and some is just stuck to itself. but the person on ebay bebarswilson I will never buy from again cause there other name is Swing Design witch is what they sell under through Walmart.com but they take forever to ship. Uscutter is lot faster. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oracal-Clear-Transfer-Tape-Roll-12-Inch-x-10-Feet/322575151305?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  4. eprcvinyls

    what tape top use for doing layers?

    okay, I will try it next time, Thanks. as you know im new and still learning proper way to do this stuff
  5. eprcvinyls

    MH721 needs replacing

    I am loving my 28" cuts 24" SC2 its on sale right now for $299.99 i would not hesitate to buy it again. if your cutting very long stuff over say 2 foot long its a lil annoying to get the vinyl in it so you can feed it straight but a lil playing it can be done. I have cut up to 80 inches long 24 inches wide.
  6. eprcvinyls

    what tape top use for doing layers?

    Thanks for the video. I seen it way before i got my cutter but had forgot how he layed the different ones. that might help me if the vinyl wouldn't peal up with the transfer tape. My transfer tape has a backing the clear does wonder if that makes it more sticky i got it off ebay just to try clear BTW all my vinyl is Oracal 631/651 /751 these two things were using 651
  7. eprcvinyls

    what tape top use for doing layers?

    Well the first project i was doing was a foot print and the 2nd layer of vinyl was to go inside the first layer. i weeded out where the 2nd layer was going to go. Hope that makes sense. and when i went to pull the backing up from laying it. the first layer of vinyl was peeling up with my tape. here it is, the black outside edges were pulling up from me laying the red on it. I tried to trim around the red so it wouldn't over lay the black but it still kept wanting to pull it up
  8. eprcvinyls

    what tape top use for doing layers?

    yeah i got the clear manily for doing multiple layers cause you can see through it you can't see through the tape I have at least Just what already said reason im using clear I can try that , it might work.. The layer i put on top is just pealing off the vinyl im laying it on top of. but its not on anything (car,glass wall, ) its just on the backing it was cut on.
  9. eprcvinyls

    Question about dimensions.

    found this but not sure it would help. My buddy has a 01 I think not sure how close it would be. http://hillerford.com/v2/resource_library/2003/2003trucks/2003f250-350sd/03f23sddimensions/03f23sddimenmain.htm
  10. eprcvinyls

    "We just did what our customer wanted"

    I just got asked if i could make a 49s logo decal. I declined and told her i don't make anything that is Copyright.
  11. Okay So i got to thinking about it and ive been in 2 vinyl shops now and both of them had Cut outs of HTV of images laying on the tables for sale, but how can they sell them like that? I mean when i weed my image i just cut out its sticky, as it should be to go on the shirt. so how come theirs was not sticky and i thought once weeded it needed to go right onto the shirt. i forgot to get my press heated up and was worried about the 20 mins it take to heat up before i can put it on the shirt. Thanks
  12. eprcvinyls

    HTV weeded ready to be press on but not sticky? in store

    oh alright thanks. maybe they had another piece on the back and i didn't realize it.
  13. As others warned me most of those deals are to make you think your getting a deal but there selling you lot of crap.. i decided just to buy my machine then other things later. I was lucky and already had a heat press to use of my fathers. but i do want to get a bigger one when I can. Good luck maybe you can figure it out
  14. okay so I have been trying to trace images from a large image a friend came up with some of you have tried to help me get the images out of the larger one, anyhow i did one yesterday i cut it but when it cut it put like double lines on the outside edge of it. it was okay i just weeded out the extra cut but ild rather not waste that material and have to do that if someone could tell me how to make itnot do it thank you
  15. eprcvinyls

    When your mobile

    At first i thought about wanting to take my cutter with me.. and Honestly If i ever get the enclosed trailer I wanted I guess I could, but i think just handing out business cards when im mobile and just cutting at home is best for me at least. If your never home for you that will be best im sure. For me to think about having to carry all the different colors, tape, tools needed, a laptop.. yeah i stay at home for now
  16. eprcvinyls

    Sign help.

    I used black Vinyl to cover up a old car tag i was jut making for my dad. turned out pretty good. Tried white for mine and the image behind still showed threw it
  17. Thanks, I tried that and it didn't quite work right, should you be in nodes mode when you do that? We got that part of the truck finished well one side. got to do the other. i just weeded out what i didn't need 2 lines of.
  18. My Sc2 also came with Vinylmaster Cut V4.0 I didn't like it at first but i like it now, i can do most anything I need with it but i also have the basic Sure cuts a lot 4 to do other things and I have inkscape also to do other things that either of those be able to do.
  19. eprcvinyls

    What to charge for can koozies

    Ive not done any yet, They cost what $1 on line, your going to use what half at most sheet of HTV $3.25/2=1.62 so you have $2.62 in it. charge $5.00-10.00 you be making something. Ive thought about doing some Mouse pads also.
  20. eprcvinyls

    Font Help

    Don't think anyone's figured it out 100% i did a fast google and seems a few have looked for it this was someones suggestions for a guy FlatIron, Betique-Bold and Monolith Bold
  21. Hello there, welcome to the site, lots of great help on here, Well i can tell you just from talking with others that this is lot more machine then the circuit you have been using for a year. The blade height has to be 100% on the machine your using.. Take a piece of Vinyl your going to use. and set the blade height. try it with the test square, if it cuts more then just the vinyl and cuts into the backing, you need to lower the height of the blade. Try again, Re peat until it doesn't cut the backing... That picture you posted looks horrible.. With the machine off make sure the blade is moving up and down as it should. if its moving up and down it should not be cutting anything except the design your trying to cut. The Software. if its not registered/paid for they can and will put lines in whatever your cutting. some software is totally free to use to try out but once you try to cut something it will put lines all in it. its there way of keeping you from using there software for free. I have a SC2 cutter and it came with Vinylmaster and it wasn't what l liked at first but now i can design in it in no time. Sure cuts a lot is another good one its $60 for the basic one. FYI. My force is only at 102 for oracal 651 and I lower it down to 90 or so for HTV. that is how mine cuts best. everyone is different. also my Speed is down to 100 seemed to help a lot. and still cuts plenty fast for me. If your trying to run a business you should spent a lil more money, I was going to buy the same machine and people here talked me out of it. Good luck. maybe you could post a short video of it cutting something.
  22. eprcvinyls

    Vinyl quality & Price

    Kinda high on shipping pricing unless it stays the same even if you order 10 rolls, it doesn't really tell you what brand it is tho.
  23. eprcvinyls

    Vinyl quality & Price

    I am liking oracal lots places to buy from . depending on the size rolls you want.
  24. eprcvinyls

    HTV weeded ready to be press on but not sticky? in store

    Like this, i cut this about 2 weeks ago, they was suppose to be another part that we never got right. but i stuck this to a piece of regular like 651 backing just so it wouldnt get all dirty, but as you see it has fingerprints probably never get used now but just was wondering how people cut stuff like this and not install right away Thanks
  25. eprcvinyls

    HTV weeded ready to be press on but not sticky? in store

    All the ones I have weeded was sticky tho.. do they do something to the out side part of the image to make it not be sticky? or could you just cut around the image and not have any extra