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  1. Sure would love to, but so far ive just sold to friends, local folks. So far its not expanded to others. I have a personal Ebay I have had it for years, only sold a few things over the years just electronic type items.. Selling on ebay don't you get hit hard in Fees that Ebay takes? That is why I stopped selling on ebay years ago. So do you just do random items and put on your store to sell? Im sure you have in each ad you can do custom things also. biggest job ive done was 2) kid t shirts and 2 decals 910 inch long x3 tall it think that was $50 for being shipped to them. I did just get paid for a t shirt order tho this is my largest yet. new press be here Monday shirts on Tuesday i will be busy next week got 15 shirts to make front and back full logos. I would love one of those orders each week.
  2. You sound just like me, I got my First Cutter on Valentines day of this year and before that I hardly seen anyone around Facebook groups doing this stuff, well it seem like the first week i get my stuff that now everyone is doing it, Every time i see a "Can someone make me this " there are already 20 replies with everyone either giving out there facebook page or tagging a friend or someone they know who has a small cutter and does logos.. I try to put out there that i use good , new well made vinyl that will last unlike others. If people want to get me to do there stuff great.... So far Honestly i've not made what i thought i would but its been only 2 months, So I guess honestly Ive not done bad. All of what i have done have been 95% decals. I just ordered me a 15x15 heat press and Going to try pushing more for t shirts. It is amazing how many people don't understand about Vinyl shirts one of my FB friends asked if they held up being wash. I let him know he probably has Vinyl made shirts at home and doesn't even realize it. I have kinda become friends with a local Vinyl shops and they make all there money on T shirts. I hope I can make some. Right now i'm doing Family Reunion Shirts for my women's fathers side and i'm charging $15-25 depending on size. Not sure if others charge more for the shirts per size but I have to since i have no money up to just supply the shirts. Good luck hope you figure out what works for you.. I been charging $8 for up to a 6x6 decal and prices go up after that size and or if more then one color..
  3. Hi there, looking into getting my first Vinyl cutting machine was considering a Silhouette cameo 3 cause it will do small jobs and plan to do lots of smaller in size logos stickers for smaller items and cars but i might want to do some larger decals for automobiles also.. Others have told me to get a real named brand machine so was looking at the us cutter MH series but many said there bottom of the line and ok if your just doing a few things sometimes it seems like everyone agrees the Titan series are the beast but i don't have $1000 to drop into a machine.. I really wanted to keep it all under $500 for a machine and material and everything to get going.. I have been playing with the Software for the Cameo 3 since its totally free to download then a guy suggested "Sure cuts a lot" so i download it last night and started messing with it. I know to use the real full basic version you have to pay the $59 to use it.. not sure the basic of it would work well enough or not? ir if a more higher up is really needed.. I just like to be able to know if i can use the software or not... So anyways now I am looking at the uscutter SC2 cutters. it looks like i can get one for $399.99 + $45 for shipping.. i would be under my $500 but still need to buy vinyl. have to decide on what machine cause will affect what size vinyl to buy I know i can still cut 12" vinyl on the Larger 28" machine. I would hope i can even cut small pieces with it say 12x12 squares with the larger machine? honestly i want to do lots of smaller logos,names. I fly RC planes and i like to put Pilot:Chris and my Numbers and such... I like to be able to make stickers and logos to go on my truck and whatever i like. At Christmas time i would be cutting lots of signs I have a decent size Christmas display every yr it gets bigger and like to make signs for it.. i can say I would honesty love to turn it into a business at least apart time small one at least for a little income but not sure how well i could in my area, I even thought about doing some custom car tags. I'm sure most would say bigger stuff or T shirts is where the money is but I would also like to do T shirts for myself and my family or close friends... i guess if it did turn into something bigger i would then be glad to have the 28" machine and could/would beable to do bigger Vehicle decals and logos and such.. Just like to heard from folks who own the SC or SC2 and if you had any or many issues, if you wish you had went another way or any input. Thank you.
  4. So mu buddy has been looking everywhere for someone to print his puzzle pieces he wanted for his truck in big sheets 24 by 8 foot long and hasnt had luck well he found a guy on ebay and he ordered it and when he got it seen its already got clear transfer tape on it. he said that is how his regulars like it. well he told the guy he was going to have it cut first. Will my cutter cut it with it being on there or will if even cut right with it? It looks like hes got some lines in it so im worried about it looking clean after it cuts it.. Told him he might end up just having to cut it by hand. that be a pain.. I guess I'm going to try a spare piece to see how it does. it also isn't oracal not sure what it is, it has a silver backing what type of vinyl could it be?
  5. eprcvinyls

    cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Yeah that is what i thought. I installed some on my truck today and it was warm 65-70 and it was pretty easy to get the tape off.
  6. eprcvinyls

    cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Thanks, I will try doing that next time.. Does the outside temp seem to matter? Seems like when its warm 60 and above they do better at least for me.
  7. eprcvinyls

    Cutting Small Vinyl Scraps?

    Keep trying, I find it that when I think its small enough to only need 2 pinch rollers that it really needs all 3 of them on the smaller ones to keep it from turning. I guess it would be the same on the MH i have a SC2
  8. eprcvinyls

    cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Oh alright and I might be using to much liquid. You might have, I have read so much on here. and at one time. I look over some of it.
  9. eprcvinyls

    cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    WOW I never knew anything like that was around I found a video that is pretty awesome. Thanks. Something else I now know about. Really, Do you let the Vinyl sit on the car for a while before peeling away the tape? I find that the Vinyl wants to lift up when trying to peel off the Tape
  10. eprcvinyls

    VinylMaster CUT freezing

    I had mine freeze sometimes when first started trying to use it. But since i got my cutter its only froze once. and after i restarted it it was fine.
  11. eprcvinyls

    cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    That is some of the thickest Transfer tape I have ever seen.. the Vinyl is pretty thick itself.. I tried to cut it and i did the 2 cuts and it only cut into the tape not even into the vinyl at all I ended up taking the small piece I tried it on about 1 foot long by the 24 inches wide and i took the transfer tape off then try to cut it and it seemed to cut okay.. the tips of the design almost acted like they were tor more then a nice cut line but i got it weeded out. Not sure what he going to do, guess he could always just cut it out by hand. Does anyone here do big auto graphics? do you ever put transfer tape on it? my buddy likes it w/o the tape on it. goes on wet and says its to hard to get the tape off and I myst agree cause the ones i have applied wet was kinda a pain to get the tape back off. but on lettering you kinda got to have the tape
  12. eprcvinyls

    cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Thank you for the reply.. He doesn't want a wrap were just doing 3 different colors on the bed of his truck ive already cut the other colors this is the last of it.
  13. eprcvinyls

    lifetime lasting vinyl?

    yeah that is what i found 10 years most ive found.
  14. eprcvinyls

    lifetime lasting vinyl?

    So met a guy today he is a relative on my woman's side the family and he has a Blazer with Dale Earnhardt all over it he wants some logos for his hood but he said the vinyl already on the truck is lifetime, I think someone lied to him? or is there really some kinda vinyl that will last a lifetime?
  15. eprcvinyls

    lifetime lasting vinyl?

    LOL yeah thats what I thought. 8 years I think is the most ive seen any say it last. if you park in a garage and only drive on Sundays maybe it would last 20 years
  16. eprcvinyls

    1st business sign

    Looks good.
  17. eprcvinyls

    SC2 has arrived -- Has a Problem

    Ive read of people cutting their cutter on and off before a new job i never understood but it seems my SC2 refuses to cut if i don't do that from time to time if ive cut a few things, Ive never waited long to see if its going to cause if it doesn't just cut right away Im not waiting so i stop and turn off then back on.. if i am cutting using the same color material as before and i paused it of course i have to cut off then back on so that it doesn't spool my roll of vinyl past the rollers and then i have to re feed it. this is very annoying so now i figured out if i just feed it while paused where i want it to start cut off then on it just feeds forward then back but stops where i left it.
  18. eprcvinyls

    SC2 has arrived -- Has a Problem

    That might help come people out, Ive never even noticed it had a stop.. I don't move the roller that far over. I never go past where the cutter is, that pinch roller is always directly behind the blade. not sure that is good or bad but its worked for me. other then that all is good with yours?
  19. eprcvinyls

    VinylMaster Cut V4.0 full

    I have the same one and it only shows up when you have a image on your screen that needs to be Vetorized. click on the image so the box is around it then it should be near the top. click it and then follow the steps on the next page. hope that helps.
  20. Oh wow, Nice. and yeah longer you done it more people you met right now no one knows who i am.
  21. eprcvinyls

    A Fix for HTV Cutting Problems

    I'm sure. I have wasted quite a bit. It does, But i find for some reason the cutter ends up swinging the vinyl that's in the center of the machine out from under the rollers. not sure why but ive had it do this quite a few times. i have tried 2 rollers, 3 rollers sometimes i get lucky
  22. eprcvinyls

    Company Vehicle Logos

    Picture is worth 1,000 words.. long as the Company had the rights to the logo i wouldn't think it would be a issue.
  23. I love mine and wow wish i was getting the jobs you were.. Right now i have nothing... this was a week w/o any income it stinks
  24. eprcvinyls

    UPS & Surge Protector

    I wondered if people used these or not, I need one but so far i just unplug mine when there is a storm. I have a smaller one on my PC mainly so if power goes out the pc just doesn't shut off. i have time to shut down properly if it doesn't come right back on. having the cutter cut off during a big cut would stink
  25. eprcvinyls

    A Fix for HTV Cutting Problems

    I wondered about if i could do this my SC2 just seems to hate cutting anything small. as in i only need a image or words 5x5 i stick in a 10x10 sheet seems like it always gets off track and i ruin the vinyl