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    Anyone know what font this is?

    Anyone know what Font this is? Thanks
  2. Okay so Ive only been at this for 2 months well on the 14th of May will make it 3 months since i got my cutter and first batch of Sticky Vinyl. At first I was just making signs,decals for myself things to go on my truck and different things. made a Picture frame for my parents Anniversary then my Cuz. wanted one, anyways I made a Facebook page. Ive debated on making a Website and just recently made a business website one that i can put products on and people can buy things. I also made a you tube channel and have a Instagram page. Just trying to figure out how to advertise my company. I have my logo on back of my truck and now have my buying website link on the front of my bug guard. Besides walking up and handing out a business card I'm at a lost on how to get out there. So far the only people i have sold things to has been friends. I was hoping word of mouth from those i sold to would help get me some business but so far nothing.. My facebook page is pretty slow nothing going on with it.. Does anyone have any advice on how to get out there more? Thank you all
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    Changing text

    if you created it you should be able to change the text... Make sure you check on the big A (text mode) then hi light the text you want to change. you should see the Font type up in the left hand upper corner.. you should be able to click on it and change it.. it took me a while to figure that out also.
  4. you paid for the sign, I would had charged about $20-25 yeah its bigger, but i enjoy bigger stuff rather then tiny stuff, were making magnets for my womans family reunion and it is so tiny. trying to weed out something the size of business cards Glad she had patience to do them.
  5. expensive for me, but most on here would say its cheap im sure. I just paid $200 for a 15x15 feel i got a good deal. if it last 2 yrs and makes me money i might go to something lil more expensive next time.
  6. For that kinda money I sure hope its a great one.. I watched the video pretty neat how you can slide from one side to other.
  7. Okay so i got my shirts and HTV for the family reunion shirts and have been working yesterday and today on them, got my new 15x15 press and loving it. so nice to be able to have the timer built in and the temp and for it to tell me the temp on display but ive been double checking for now with my temp gun. anyhow today I've had 2 letters that tried to lift up with me when i went to peel the clear off after took off the press. im confused to why just a couple these random letters have done this. Right now i have a bottom part of a E that is lifted it didn't stay stuck at all its in the middle of the shirt and there is 2018 date below it and words above there all seem fine. I had the L on another shirt do same thing but it seemed to stay down. I did re press it for a few seconds when i noticed. Not really sure what I should do when this happens. I almost thought the press was to hot but i was at 315 and doing it for 15 seconds Thanks
  8. Oh, alright , well i dont know why those 2 shirts did that then.. maybe it wasn't hot enough along the whole thing. but i did fix the shirts after and my new shirt i made yesterday did fine.
  9. Ive never read anything like that Most people say it will outlast your shirt. i know I have t shirts with sayings on them and the shirts have holes and are stretched out and pretty much rags now but the saying while faded is still on the shirt. Not any ive personally done as ive just gotten into this hobby about 2 months ago. I totally forgot about the heating the htv up before you weed it ive got to try that next time i do a shirt
  10. Thanks, I had forgot why people pre pressed for. I don't know why some people on utube videos dont pre press Thanks for the info, I did notice that some spots on the press is different temps one spot be 305 another only 300. So Yeah.. Ive done a few more shirts and they all turned out better. I think i might had it to hot for a couple of those. I ended up taking a Heat iron a small one and pressed those messed up words they look perfect now. New press and not sure how much pressure is needed think i will turn the knob a lil to get a lil more pressure.
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    How to create an arc text?

    Oh man that stinks, its been a while I tried to look quickly and had no luck. just look on youtube for curve text with VM cut. I think that was how i found it.
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    How to create an arc text?

    No problem glad you got it figured out.. After I posted I went to mine and my version doesn't give me that option so I have to do it the long hard way LOL
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    How to create an arc text?

    Youtube is great it took me forever to find one. I finally found the help i needed
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    Small order pricing.

    its a friend. actually a girl i kinda dated and i know she wears XL cause she wore my shirts before. didn't ever think she would want a 2XL shirt. but i will be clear to Everyone else anything over a XL is $5 more
  15. eprcvinyls

    Small order pricing.

    I don't know who your buying from or how many of what size of what you need but I so far order all my shirts from one place and its $5.95 for shipping. I would think it be easy enough just to add $6 more to the total and let them pay it. I did just get kinda messed over when i told a customer her shirt would cost $15 then she says of btw i need a 2xl.. and i know 2xl are going to cost like $5.00 just for the shirt now she doesn't want to pay the $5 extra.
  16. well i just looked online and the easyweed pdf i found showed 305 temp so maybe a lil to hot guess i will try it there with next one and see how it goes. My older Press i was using i dont think it was keeping temp well.
  17. I did notice the white shirt is Fruit of loom Heavy HD Cotton the Youth is Glidan heavy cotton and the other shirts ive done all have been Fruit of loom just Regular HD cotton not sure any of that matters?
  18. I totally just realized i posted in the wrong spot can u move it to the t shirt area? I was before theses shirts always doing the pre press but ive been folding these in half and press for couple seconds to make a cress, as i seen a tip on utube and so not been doing the regular press the HOLT looks the worse would you say to much heat or not enough? Here are pictures, There from jiffyshirts. Ive not had a issue only one youth shirt and one adult one out of the 5 i've done so far in this order.
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    new here!

    Welcome from GA
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    New to Group

    Why do you feel limited? what software are you using with it? I have the Sure cuts a lot to start off with and really liked how easy it was to do things but have moved on to Vinylmaster at first i hated it but now i can do just about anything i need to with it.
  21. eprcvinyls

    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    100 speed is what i leave my SC2 at, and I go from 103-90ish on my force depending on how the cutter is Doing for Sticky vinyl normally 100 and the HTV down to 90. Ive never had anything look that bad something is going on for sure.
  22. eprcvinyls

    Back window guide

    that sounds right. I remember a guy wasted about a roll of vinyl once trying to do my old 97 Blazer windshield he never got it 100% correct ended up giving me the words i wanted split for me to just put it on. I don't think he was happy cause his wife told me he would do it for the practice and not charge me anything, I had been talking to her a while online this was back in the early 2000's
  23. Thanks for the info. Good to know how others are doing it. Gives us small folks ideas and or something to look at. I didn't know Ebay offered anything like that. I guess that is the driffrence between personal and business Ebay.
  24. eprcvinyls

    Back window guide

    Good luck, Those curves can be a headache. I thought i never was going to get the banner across the front of my windshield
  25. Guess that's not to bad. I have shipped a few items, for people who live far away done two things for my Cousin so far. I guess i have felt like in person exchanging the items and money is better. For me the post office is 15 mile round trip i live in a small town.