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    How do you all make money?

    good luck man, i'm in the same boat i guess been cutting since Valentines day and so far ive done a few in memory stickers for cars, some bigger graphics for a truck, about 20 shirts total and few other odd and ends but all where for friends, I still not sure how to get my name out there. that is what i'm finding the hardest thing
  2. eprcvinyls

    SC. long straight cuts

    i cut 85 inches long zig zags with a SC2 for a now ex friends show truck it was a PAIN.... to get it to track stright but all you can do it load it and pause it and run it the whole length you need and if it starts to get off undo pinch rollers move it a lil and try again This is how i did all of the ones for his truck ended up cutting like 10 different times. and few of them were 24 inches wide so the whole machine all it had but it did it mostly a couple got a lil off. it for sure needs guides for the vinyl and i said i was going to build something for mine but still havn't really hope to never do something that big again
  3. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    She ordered the last part for me so maybe the place she orders from had old?not sure I wish i knew what it was for sure. so far this shirt is holding up. it get washed in next few days but always hung out on a line to dry in summer. so will see
  4. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    Yeah, well someone on this thread said if its not real siser then others need be put on at 325=335 so figured i would try it.. The shirts that letters started coming off of were never washed not before or after and they hung on cloth hangers for like 2 weeks in my bedroom before anyone ever worn one. soon they wore them they started coming off. The ones i do For myself and family normally go week or longer before the first wash. I have a special hanging spot in my room and they get hung on it for a while before worn or washed all others been washed inside out and worn and done fine.
  5. its not a perfect match to the original but since done all by hand not bad at all.. if your wanting to buy it then even if harley came knocking on your door cause you had it hanging in the yard i wouldn't think you would get in trouble. But what do i know. I get told Daily i doing something i shouldn't
  6. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    Yeah i plan to wash it and keep wearing it. im hoping it was just not enough heat for it before. i never heard back from the vinyl shop guess i will ask her next time i go in to get something if i go back, this whole situation has gotten me really down. about making shirts and having them not hold up even to a hour of wearing.
  7. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    decided to try pressing another shirt with the green but i did it at 335 degrees 15 secs and this is how it turned out. ive only worn it about 2 hours while doing things outside its hot out and so far it seems okay maybe they just needed more temp sorry its sideways it looked right on my pc The wet looking dots are water drops i took then when i came in from watering the yard about 30 mins after i did it
  8. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    The shirts are from Jiffyshirts Fruit of the loom 100% cotten as all the other shirts i have same place all the other shirts ive purchased have come from. No I do not wash my shirts. I just take out of the box, pre press 2-4 secs then press for 12-15 secs at 305-310 degrees. I have made 10 other shirts, for myself and my wife a couple of mine have front and back and ive had Zero issues and ive worn all of those 5-10 times me sweating in them and working in them and Zero issues. Its got to be the vinyl and i got it at a local Vinyl shop. everything ive pressed has been purchased from her shop but this is the first with a white backing and that ive had issues with. i have another thread where i was asking about one or 2 letters trying to pull up, and it happened with this same green vinyl
  9. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    So does it require different temp or press time pressure? its the only color ive had issues with.
  10. eprcvinyls

    Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    Anything big I do wet i just find i can mostly avoid getting wrinkles or bubbles if i do it wet gives me time to work with it but im still new at doing them.
  11. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    I dont think the green is easyweed it cant be siser cause ive got so many other shirts ive done with all colors and none have done like this also you cant see the texture of the shirt throught the green but you can see it on all the other shirts ive done. still not heard back from the business yet. they were closed yesterday
  12. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    I will be finding out from the business that sold it to me what kind it is. She sold me what she had in the store but then ordered more so she should know what it is.
  13. eprcvinyls

    vectorize logo question

    Okay, that is fine but how about when you want to Support the teams or brands you run? Like i race Radio control buggies and i want to put the brand name of the buddy, the wheels, the tires on my Tool box and or my buggy to show support for them and or to show others the brands i'm using.. I mean lot of places give you a few decals when you order a part from them but i also enjoy making custom ones bigger then they give out for my tool boxes and such. There are groups like this one and I have their names of the groups on my other Air flying boxes and stuff. I would never sell any of the stuff i make tho. I wonder how the guys at the flea market and stuff gets away with it, I see people selling Atlanta braves Baseball shirts and Ga bulldawg t shirts and stuff sometimes they do look slightly a lil different from a original but you have to look close to see that.
  14. eprcvinyls

    vectorize logo question

    Guess I need to look up trademark and Copyright to see the difference. still trying to figure out what I can and cant do for sure.
  15. eprcvinyls

    Where to store your extra blades, or knives?

    hey man, Ive not noticed much of you around lately hope all is well. Well since i really just have the one room in the house that is mine. everything is crammed into it right now. if i can ever get me a enclosed trailer most of my RC hobby gear will go out in it then i will have some extra space. Ive stopped buying sticky vinyl cause trying to push t shirts but ive held back buying lot of t shirts cause don't know what size people would need myself and my woman wear XL my mom wear Sm or med. my dad is Med. so far not made any for my parents i could make some for them.
  16. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    Here is a picture of the green htv.
  17. eprcvinyls

    Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    Thanks guys I should have said in first post all my shirts are the same all from jiffyshirts and there all 100% cotten, they are all fruit of the loom. It is htv I got it from a brick business the lady is real nice this one color is only one having issue with the black,white,yellow I've got from her has been fine this green only one gave issues And yes I check the press temp with a heat gun regularly to make sure it's correct Funny how shirts been hanging and looked fine for weeks then go to wear it and stuff comes loose.
  18. eprcvinyls

    vectorize logo question

    Oh awesome, yeah I been flying for about 28 years now. RC trucks longer then that almost all my life. Sometimes if i have issues like that I would use Paint or whatever program you like and bring it into it and just crop it one different part at a time then vectorize it all separated then Peace it back together its a little more work but should be doable not sure how big he wants it but even if you had to cut each one separate then just piece it back together on the plane shouldn't be to hard. I put some Words and my AMA Number on my new Clipped wing cub.
  19. eprcvinyls

    Where to store your extra blades, or knives?

    On my desk that i built for all my Vinyl needs I have a small 3 drawer thing that sits on the desk the top drawer holds my Zacto knives and my squeegees and the 2nd drawer has my pen for the SC2 and my Scissors in it. My vinyl is on the PVC stand I built on the right of the table and the Transfer tape is on the end of the table also, mounted it with PVC and works great just grab the end and pull it however long i need. this set up has worked well for me since Valentines day.. I also have LED light stripe i put under my cutter cause its just to dark hard to see where to cut the vinyl when its on the roll i don't have a picture. not sure how Primal did his I'm into Radio control and use LEDS on my planes to fly at night. so just used a stripe that would go the whole width of the machine and i power it with one of my 3 cell lipos for one of my airplanes. My cutter is on the other wall on other side of the room so having any tools hooked to it wouldn't work for me but all depends on how you have your stuff set up.
  20. eprcvinyls

    vectorize logo question

    Pretty cool, I fly radio control planes, helicopters multirotors and race rc trucks and buggys.. ive been doing lots of logos for the car stuff but Im doing it for myself the way understand it is you can make it for yourself or even a friend as long as your not charging them for it. a guy in my old flying club he had Monster on his plane but he made it hisself. Also to talk about your first question you do know on the bottom of the screen on left side when you in the vetorize screen you can add 3,4,5, so on colors that it will pick out then down at the bottom in the middle it shows the colors it has a X across if you can click it on or off depending what you need and it will show on the screen
  21. eprcvinyls

    Should I buy from US Cutter?

    Ive never had to deal with issues thank goodness, i got my Cutter from their Ebay store cause same cutter with free shipping. Ive ordered Vinyl from there website tho w.o issues. I love my SC2 cutter have had it since Valentines day this year
  22. eprcvinyls

    Vinyl to Withstand Extreme Temperatures?

    I guess ive never thought about the heat in that way, I mean we put vinyl on our tinted windows of automobiles and on the cars themselves so not sure how hot a car really gets. Mine sits in the sun all day and i know with the windows rolled up in summer it gets very hot inside the car. i will have to temp the glass and see what kinda readings i get.
  23. eprcvinyls

    Small letters

    Good luck, I found that i don't want to cut any thing less then 1 inch wide or tall.. its just to small. pain in the rear.
  24. eprcvinyls

    Side of vinyl

    I think we all have... Just some wont admit it lol... I Have cut on the wrong side of HTV. and forgot to mirror the image a few times. Even tho i have notes on my Monitor about it lol Im doing foresent Green HTV right now and its got a white backing I like that so i know what side is what some of its really hard to tell.
  25. its a big order and if you need it done in a few days its really a big day but my local place i get vinyl at does all the baseball shirts for the school. i think she said 100 shirts or something like that she gets her daughter and a few friends to come in and help weed so she can get them done in a timely manner. i might freak out if i ever get a order that big but it is doable im sure. My largest so far is 15 front and back. I did 8 at one time and had to get more HTV. I knew i would need more and was waiting for payment on other half. I paid for all shirts with the 1st half of the money.