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  1. eprcvinyls

    Sc2 Vinyl sign

    1st welcome to the site, lot of helpful folks here.. It can do it, getting it lined up so that the vinyl will track straight it the hardest part. A truck bed is the biggest ive cut it was 6 foot long.
  2. eprcvinyls

    Best vinyl for outdoor vinyl banner?

    Thanks for asking that i was wondering if the 651 would be okay or not on a banner.. i probably will be getting some for Christmas signs for the yard this year. so mine just need to last hopefully a few years for what 5 weeks out in the weather. i normally start decorating to turn on on Thanksgiving and take down on New years day. I have one sign with 651 on it out in the weather now its been there 2 months in the wide open sun,rain. whatever and still looks as good as the day i made it. its on coraplat sign. wasn't sure about banners
  3. eprcvinyls

    Printable vinyl

    it says they now carry Printed HTV for inkjet printers. I even commented I didn't know they were such a thing for regular Inkjet printers and they said yes. unless im confused looks like uscutter sell it also https://www.uscutter.com/SISER-ColorPrint-Easy-Printable-Heat-Transfer-Vinyl
  4. eprcvinyls

    Printable vinyl

    A local Vinyl shop just posted today that they now have in stock Inkjet printable HTV selling it in sheets of 8 1/4 x 11 $2.25-2.99 depending if you want light or dark.. I never heard of this before I thought to be able to print your own you needed a 8K printer
  5. eprcvinyls

    651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    I just made a oracal 651 decal for someone to go on a wall i tried talking them into a picture frame as i have made a few lately for my parents and my wifes parents but this lady ( a friend of mine) says she just wants it on the wall, they rent so i hope it come off okay whenever they happen to move. personally i've not stuck anything to a wall. the walls in this place not sure what to call it. its pretty smooth but not drywall.
  6. eprcvinyls

    Today's score

    WOW... Some people Never myself have all the luck.... I guess I need to start going into Thief stores however there slim in my part of town.. I have heard story's like this from good wills, and I always thought Good will was only for really poor people to shop at. Witch I would fit in but i mean like homeless types.
  7. eprcvinyls

    Car Show Awards - No Parking Signs

    Those look really great, nice job and that is awesome of the car club to do that. Hope you have a great turn out.. I miss my old car club days. we always had lots of fun.
  8. eprcvinyls

    Who's selling on Etsy

    Just got a email that prices are going up on fees I set up a shop about a month ago but i didn't realize how cheap others were selling decals and shirts hard to compete with the others but what your selling custom signs look nice.
  9. Talking about Football teams like GA bulldogs and Alabama and Atlanta braves Big known teams and companys like Monster energy drinks and things along those lines. There is a guy driving around in a Dale Earnhardt NASCAR theme truck. i know cause he wanted me to add more to his truck and i told him i couldn't cause be copyright now sure how the last guy that did it for him got by with it.
  10. it seems many just do it and get away with it.. People on this site warn not to do so. But i see people selling stuff daily that is copys of others. I try to make everything i put online be my own
  11. eprcvinyls

    Hi all!

    Welcome, I myself also have a SC2 i have been enjoying it.
  12. Since its part time for you and you enjoy doing online, how do people local to you find out about you to want stuff done? That seems to be my issue is no one knows I do it here in my town. And i have seems like 20+ others around the outside of my town doing it too.. but they mostly do small stuff if i could get bigger jobs I would do them. Thanks
  13. WOW 1500 ads... man..
  14. Thanks for the info, I will check that site out, never knew anything like that was available, Ive been trying to come up with my own stuff so not to get in trouble with copyright or trademarks. No clue you could find files and or buy files that you could sell.. I guess Ive just not found the right part of this hobby yet. as someone who's been out of work for a yr i would love to make even $25 a hour if i could make it for at least a few hours a day right now i would love to make $100 a week that would be a HUGE help but so far only money i've made was from a family reunion t shirts bunch i did for my wifes dad side of the family.
  15. I do have a 24 inch cutter but trying to cut anything over 3 foot with it is a pain but honestly i don't have a clue what kinda design to try to sell that could make $25 each on. or a set or whatever. Guess im just not that good at coming up wish designs that isn't a copy of someones out there already. how do you ship bigger decals? small ones mine are 6x6 up to 10x10 inch now. those would fit in a padded envelope with some cardboard around them thats how i have shipped so far. bigger then that would need be i guess rolled up and put in a box.?