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  1. Back window guide

    that sounds right. I remember a guy wasted about a roll of vinyl once trying to do my old 97 Blazer windshield he never got it 100% correct ended up giving me the words i wanted split for me to just put it on. I don't think he was happy cause his wife told me he would do it for the practice and not charge me anything, I had been talking to her a while online this was back in the early 2000's
  2. Thanks for the info. Good to know how others are doing it. Gives us small folks ideas and or something to look at. I didn't know Ebay offered anything like that. I guess that is the driffrence between personal and business Ebay.
  3. Back window guide

    Good luck, Those curves can be a headache. I thought i never was going to get the banner across the front of my windshield
  4. Guess that's not to bad. I have shipped a few items, for people who live far away done two things for my Cousin so far. I guess i have felt like in person exchanging the items and money is better. For me the post office is 15 mile round trip i live in a small town.
  5. Sure would love to, but so far ive just sold to friends, local folks. So far its not expanded to others. I have a personal Ebay I have had it for years, only sold a few things over the years just electronic type items.. Selling on ebay don't you get hit hard in Fees that Ebay takes? That is why I stopped selling on ebay years ago. So do you just do random items and put on your store to sell? Im sure you have in each ad you can do custom things also. biggest job ive done was 2) kid t shirts and 2 decals 910 inch long x3 tall it think that was $50 for being shipped to them. I did just get paid for a t shirt order tho this is my largest yet. new press be here Monday shirts on Tuesday i will be busy next week got 15 shirts to make front and back full logos. I would love one of those orders each week.
  6. You sound just like me, I got my First Cutter on Valentines day of this year and before that I hardly seen anyone around Facebook groups doing this stuff, well it seem like the first week i get my stuff that now everyone is doing it, Every time i see a "Can someone make me this " there are already 20 replies with everyone either giving out there facebook page or tagging a friend or someone they know who has a small cutter and does logos.. I try to put out there that i use good , new well made vinyl that will last unlike others. If people want to get me to do there stuff great.... So far Honestly i've not made what i thought i would but its been only 2 months, So I guess honestly Ive not done bad. All of what i have done have been 95% decals. I just ordered me a 15x15 heat press and Going to try pushing more for t shirts. It is amazing how many people don't understand about Vinyl shirts one of my FB friends asked if they held up being wash. I let him know he probably has Vinyl made shirts at home and doesn't even realize it. I have kinda become friends with a local Vinyl shops and they make all there money on T shirts. I hope I can make some. Right now i'm doing Family Reunion Shirts for my women's fathers side and i'm charging $15-25 depending on size. Not sure if others charge more for the shirts per size but I have to since i have no money up to just supply the shirts. Good luck hope you figure out what works for you.. I been charging $8 for up to a 6x6 decal and prices go up after that size and or if more then one color..
  7. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Yeah that is what i thought. I installed some on my truck today and it was warm 65-70 and it was pretty easy to get the tape off.
  8. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Thanks, I will try doing that next time.. Does the outside temp seem to matter? Seems like when its warm 60 and above they do better at least for me.
  9. Cutting Small Vinyl Scraps?

    Keep trying, I find it that when I think its small enough to only need 2 pinch rollers that it really needs all 3 of them on the smaller ones to keep it from turning. I guess it would be the same on the MH i have a SC2
  10. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Oh alright and I might be using to much liquid. You might have, I have read so much on here. and at one time. I look over some of it.
  11. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    WOW I never knew anything like that was around I found a video that is pretty awesome. Thanks. Something else I now know about. Really, Do you let the Vinyl sit on the car for a while before peeling away the tape? I find that the Vinyl wants to lift up when trying to peel off the Tape
  12. VinylMaster CUT freezing

    I had mine freeze sometimes when first started trying to use it. But since i got my cutter its only froze once. and after i restarted it it was fine.
  13. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    That is some of the thickest Transfer tape I have ever seen.. the Vinyl is pretty thick itself.. I tried to cut it and i did the 2 cuts and it only cut into the tape not even into the vinyl at all I ended up taking the small piece I tried it on about 1 foot long by the 24 inches wide and i took the transfer tape off then try to cut it and it seemed to cut okay.. the tips of the design almost acted like they were tor more then a nice cut line but i got it weeded out. Not sure what he going to do, guess he could always just cut it out by hand. Does anyone here do big auto graphics? do you ever put transfer tape on it? my buddy likes it w/o the tape on it. goes on wet and says its to hard to get the tape off and I myst agree cause the ones i have applied wet was kinda a pain to get the tape back off. but on lettering you kinda got to have the tape
  14. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Thank you for the reply.. He doesn't want a wrap were just doing 3 different colors on the bed of his truck ive already cut the other colors this is the last of it.
  15. So mu buddy has been looking everywhere for someone to print his puzzle pieces he wanted for his truck in big sheets 24 by 8 foot long and hasnt had luck well he found a guy on ebay and he ordered it and when he got it seen its already got clear transfer tape on it. he said that is how his regulars like it. well he told the guy he was going to have it cut first. Will my cutter cut it with it being on there or will if even cut right with it? It looks like hes got some lines in it so im worried about it looking clean after it cuts it.. Told him he might end up just having to cut it by hand. that be a pain.. I guess I'm going to try a spare piece to see how it does. it also isn't oracal not sure what it is, it has a silver backing what type of vinyl could it be?