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  1. My Vinyl doesnt like sticking to the backing, if replaced

    Yeah, one of mine did it but i forget what I turned on to make it split them in the center
  2. Okay about to do first shirt any advice

    If not then the grandmother doesn't know there names i sent her every file i made to make sure she liked them and was happy. That makes sense.. Never thought about that so this should been maybe 9-10 inches long. That you all, its what the customer wants... I'm not to try to tell them different.. Thanks for the chart i will keep that handy
  3. Okay about to do first shirt any advice

    Well I did it, My first 2 shirts are complete.
  4. Okay about to do first shirt any advice

    Thanks, yeah I did do that one thing i like about VM is you can print straight from it to my Printer. Well she wanted it all way across the front. okay so i just cut the first name and it was trying to buckle up some when it went to do the box around the words it got bad wrinkled up.. my machine is on 100 I bumped it from 93 to103 force cause the first test cut didn't cut clean lines
  5. i don't know why I am so nervous about making a shirt. I guess cause I don't have much HTV. and well the shirt i want to put on only have one.. I need to practice but really didn't buy enough HTV to practice. im just making two names 2.5 inches tall and 11 inches long.. not tiny but not huge i guess either these are going on 4T white shirts for a friends granddaughters. I didn't expect to get a order already. all i have to do before cut is tell it to Mirror correct? get the heat press hot.. i can do a pre heat the shirt for couple secs right to get out wrinkles. then just put the HTV on the shirt where i want it to be. then put the cover sheet back on top and press for 10-15 secs @305f degrees Then peel the top off and yoru finished.. did i miss anything, any tips? A video i watched the guy sat the HTV on top of the bottom of the heat press to help weed it easier.
  6. My Vinyl doesnt like sticking to the backing, if replaced

    Yeah, i did a 12"X12"yesterday but it had lots of stuff on it so cutting away each word and the pic helped.
  7. okay so i was working from a picture a friend gave me yesterday, i vetroized it and it looked good but the color was black and white to start with so trying to cut by color wouldnt work. i guess it wouldn't pick out the light black and light white anyhow the image was a castle with a design in the center.I ended up cutting a white and black of the whole image just to get the inside piece out to put it in the white image is there a way in the soft ware to be able to like draw a box around the inside image just select it and cut just that image? hope this makes sense. this isn't the first time i wish i could do this..
  8. My Vinyl doesnt like sticking to the backing, if replaced

    Thanks everyone, well i found one trick yesterday, if i have something with multiple words I just barly cut the vinyl between each word and i id one word at a time it worked much better for me. I am sure more i do it better faster i will get
  9. My Vinyl doesnt like sticking to the backing, if replaced

    I just put it on the back of the new cut and used the whole sheet i cut out to tape to the existing cut i had to redo. hope that makes since
  10. Okay, Im not sure if i am the only one who sometimes in weeding there vinyl they just cut that sometimes letters peel up and just dont want to stay down or couple times i didn't even realize i was peeing up some of my letters or words.so i have just been re cutting what is needed but when we go to peel it off the new cut and place it on the original cutting sometimes they just refuse to stick to it, is there something i can do to make it stick? i cut out the other day a Red Dawg for my truck ( My old CB handle) and the Red and D did great but the W in awg messed up so i just re cut the whole AWG cause the font i had they were connected together. but with it i just cut it way down and took some clear packing tape folded it over itself and stuck to the vinyl backing lined it up then put the transfer tape over the whole thing that worked out really good doing it like that but lots of time it just be a single letter in a word or something. any advice. besides being sure that when weeding all letters stay down.. not sure why some weed really good and others don't. Thanks
  11. How much pressure do you cut with?

    Thank you for the examples
  12. How much pressure do you cut with?

    Im not sure, just the boxes you can check and the numbers the Blade offset default its on 0.20 and the overcut is 2.00 blade type:drag knife 45degree advanced after plot.... i really not sure what any of that is im using the red blade that came with the machine.
  13. How much pressure do you cut with?

    WOW you run it that fast w/o issues.. Ive got my SC2 at 100 speed and about 92 force. im new but seems okay. im wondering for me if there any settings inside the VM i should change.
  14. how to cut multi colors with VM? Help

    I think i finally got it to work, not tried to cut it yet but looked right on the screen.