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  1. I got everything set up and I am trying to run my test cut so I can make sure my settings are correct...and NOTHING is even cutting. I have the SC2 Cutter, and am using Oramask with the 60 blade....I am so confused as to why it's not even cutting the faintest of lines. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  2. Hello! So I just got my machine setup and everything is downloaded. Here's my issue: I did a sample stencil (a smaller version of one that I will need SOON). It said it was cutting and sending the file to the machine and the machine was reading it...well it cut a straight line and two dots and thats it. The progress bar said cutting, but the machine just said receiving data. I am so confused and my machine is going to end up out the window in the snow pile soon Help me please!
  3. LindseyM84

    SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Can I get on your call list? LOL - my machine is going to land out the window in the snow soon!
  4. LindseyM84

    SC Newbie - so frustrated

    Thank you for your help!!! It currently says "system is idle..."
  5. LindseyM84

    SC Newbie - so frustrated

    MAC Computer using Sure Cuts A Lot Connected by USB.....and the driver thing is what's confusing. The test cut/pressure/speed is good!!!
  6. LindseyM84

    SC Newbie - so frustrated

    Maybe I don't have the right drivers - because it says it can't find my cutter?
  7. LindseyM84

    SC Newbie - so frustrated

    Yea it's moving around like it would be cutting the test shape but nothing is happening...I installed the correct drivers...I think?! Edited to add - I didn't have the blade in the carriage correctly :X (whoops!) it's in correctly but I don't know what to do next?