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  1. da5id

    Cutting paper and card stock

    Solution so far has been to mount paper onto a large, thin cutting board (purchased from a cooking supplies store) with drafting tape all around the edges.
  2. da5id

    Cutting paper and card stock

    Good suggestion. It may work, but I worry that it'll leave tacky residue on the backside of the paper. I should try it though.
  3. da5id

    Best Print + Cut Workflow from Ai

    What I've got is the die line, the drawing for the die. In lieu of making a die (which is slow and pricey), I'm using the Titan 3 to do the cutting for me. I'm just looking for the best process here for packaging prototyping.
  4. I'm using Illustrator to design packaging and a combination of printers and a Titan 3 for cutting out the card stock. Currently, I've found working with SCALP 3 to be less than ideal and I don't really trust it with printing. The end goal is to print in large format on my 24" Epson p7000 and then run the printed stock through the Titan 3 to cut out the die line. I also want to use this same setup for printing and cutting stickers. What's the best workflow for doing this?
  5. Hi there, I'm using a Titan 3 to cut paper and card stock and I'm having trouble finding a good carrier sheet. I got some adhesive ones of Graphtech and they were so tacky that the paper stuck to them, ruining both the paper and the carrier sheet. I then tried some Saga cutting sheets, and the same thing happened, ruining both. Do y'all have recommendations on a good setup for feeding paper through the cutter?