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  1. Vinyl Master Pro Product Key

    Thank you!
  2. Vinyl Master Pro Product Key

    Does any one now if you are able to use your VinylMaster Pro product key on more then one computer at a time? I have 2 computers in my office and it would be nice to have the software on both computer but I couldn't find any info on the topic and thought I would try asking before trying it?
  3. This might be a silly question but I was wondering if Vinylmaster Pro has the ability to clean up a logo that I am trying to vectorize and cut? Its not a very clean logo that I have so it ends up looking really sloppy once I go through the steps to prepare to cut. After vectorizing the logo I played with the image correction under trace settings but that wasn't enough help for this logo.
  4. Mask material recomendations

    Thank you! I am going to give this Avery mask a try. Is there a certain transfer tape that works better with pant masks?
  5. Hello from South Dakota

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jennifer. I am very new to the cutting equipment world but and quickly seeing how much you can do. I recently purchased a Titan 3 for the company I work with. We are an awning & canvas shop. We purchased the Titan 3 with hopes to start making our own graphics for the awnings. Especially making masks that we can then hand paint on to the Canvas that covers our awnings. Since I have no prior knowledge to cutters or even watching them be used until recently I have found these forums to be very helpful!
  6. Mask material recomendations

    The company I work with just purchased a Titan 3 cutter and we hope to use it to make graphics for our custom awnings that we manufacture. I am wondering what type of mask material would work to make a mask that will be hand painted on a Sunbrella canvas