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  1. Just in case anyone else experiences this issue, I seem to have found the solution. On the cut/plot screen of LXi, there is a "Properties" button near the top left underneath where it lists your plotter and the COM port. Click on properties. There are 3 tabs that appear. Click on the 3rd tab on the right or the "Cut" tab. On that tab there is a "Curve Quality" setting. Mine was set to "Custom" or .040". I set it to "High" and now my curves come out completely normal.
  2. Same effect with your test file, except it seemed like it double or triple cut each line..
  3. I tried a different font (Amazone BT) within LXi , same effect. Also tried creating the letter in Photoshop, saving it as PNG, converting to SVG file and importing, still same effect. I have a message in to SW tech to see what they say.
  4. Yes it is a downloaded font (Edwardian Script ITC) on my system and I placed it with the text tool in VXi. I did try slowing my cutter down to 200 from 600 and it still does it. I will see what SW says about it. I will also try a different, but similar font.
  5. All the letters that are round turn out like that when cut using the normal text tool in VXi to create them. I tried creating them in illustrator and inkscape then importing them and they all come out the same way. Maybe that's just the nature of the beast when using a entry level cutter?
  6. Hey Guys, quick question about cutting round edges such as in fonts. I am using the text tool in VXi to cut a large wall graphic (20"Hx36"L). When it cuts, the round parts on the letters are more flat sided like an octagon. Is this caused by the font or is it something I can fix? IT does not look like that in VXi when designed. Picture attached.
  7. Ah, I see. Guess I need to build my Paypal kitty up a little bit and get a Graphtec!! I bought this one with some extra Paypal funds that I had laying around. I am good with Photoshop, Inkscape, etc and making vector graphics for my buddy who cuts for me. Now I will cut my own
  8. Thank you Dakotagrafx. I am not sure what I did, but it's working now. Any idea how to get it to cut the entire sheet of vinyl once it is done with a job?
  9. Thanks guys, I will try fiddling with the menu buttons. "Set" seems to make the blade go down only when pressed. "Ok" puts it back online after pushing "online" to turn it offline to adjust position and/or pressure/speed. The cutter is doing something different now that I've been messing around with it. Previously I could set the carriage to where ever I wanted, by using the buttons on the console and it would stay there. Now it returns to the right hand side when I put it back online. It no longer stays where I move it to.
  10. Yes I deleted it in production manager and re-added it with #3, both device manager and LXi match. There is no menu on this cutter, it has adjustments for speed, pressure, and if I turn it offline, I can adjust up/down left/right of where I want it to start. Other then that, it has buttons for "reset", "set", "test", and "online". I understand this is a US Cutter forum, but this specific sub-forum is labeled "Competitor cutter help" and I need help. With that said, $50 Paypal to the person who gets my cutter to cut properly from LXi Expert.
  11. I changed it to COM3 and rebooted, everything else says (in use). I am using the cut button in LXi E, no changes in what it does. I do not see an origin button on the cutter, just what you see in the attachment.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I understand it is not a printer, just showing how it came up in Windows, and it came up as COM11. Yes I did go into Production Manager and add it with the proper port settings and I am using the cut button in LXi Expert. What is the "origin" button? I did order a Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter, won't be in til 1/4. I tried following the videos and instructions from Signwarehouse but they are less then desirable. They say download the 64 bit drivers for 64 bit, but it says nothing about 32bit Windows.
  13. Hi Folks, new user here looking for some help. Just got a Vinyl Express R31 from Signwarehouse. Having trouble getting it to cut from the VE LXi Expert 12 software. I installed the cutter via USB on Windows 7 32bit with the drivers that were listed in the instructions. The computer sees the port. I configure the Lxi Production Manager with the cutter settings and the correct port #. I can do a "Test" from Production Manager and it cuts a small bullseye shape. If I open LXi Expert and try to do simple "TEST" cut, the cutter goes all the way to the left and the online blinks red and it has to be power cycled. It does not actually make the cut. Also under the Devices and Printers section in Windows, it shows as "Printer for COM11" and in the properties it shows "Model: Send to Microsoft OneNote 15 Driver". So when the cut is sent from LXi Expert, it also trys to open Microsoft OneNote. Not sure where to go from here. Seems there is a disconnect between LXi Expert and the Production Manager or driver issue with Windows? Any tips or suggestions would be great. Thanks for your time !