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  1. I ordered some avery high bake masking vinyl, and have access to a cricut cutter that I plan on using to cut some stencils to use with cerakote. I can't seem to find any good vector files for kryptek/hex camo. I have a few smaller files, however I don't particularly like the shape and would prefer something larger. I am more than willing to pay for the files within reason. I have the trial version of adobe illustrator and have been playing around with it, however i'm nowhere near being able to create my own file. if anyone has any files, or knows where to find any good files, id really appreciate it. Also, is this within the capabilities of the cricut? The machine i have access to is not mine, so im still looking into the operation of it, and trying to figure out the cricut design space. Thnks for any help you can provide.