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  1. Dolomite41

    SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Thank you guys for all of the help, I think I played around with it enough to get it working correctly. No issues at all. You guys are great and thanks for the quickly replies. Thanks @Primal Decals for offering help over the phone, ill Inbox you and give you my number should I have any questions in the future. One last thing, Ive seen other cutters with a built in blade to cut the vinyl after cutting. the SC2 has a red guide on it to put in a blade to cut. Do they make one for the SC2? Like a slide blade that mounts on the machine? Just curious cause I've seen some on others. Thanks
  2. Dolomite41

    SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Thank you clhyer for the reply. Very helpful. 1. I understand what you’re saying as far as the project. I figured out how to change my mat size but do I need to load the paper in any certain way. I see the ruler on my machine. Should I put the edge of the paper to the edge of the machine? Or put it in at 1”. I think this may be my problem not sure though 2. When you say you hit save and open it up in scalp3 you’re meaning an svg filer correct? I can save in AI as an svg. But when I go to import my svg into scalp. It loads up with a status bar. Well this is the process that takes a long time (depending on the file size). If I have a small logo it’s quick. However if I have a big file. Let’s say 24” x96” it takes quite some time 3. Also and this may be part of my problem to question 2. What is the max length I can do. I have a project for some lettering and it is about 24” x 600”. I’ve split up the files but not sure what max I can do? I’m trying to stick around 24” x48” thnaks.
  3. Hi I just received my Sc2 in mail. With sure cuts a lot 3. I have a Mac computer system running. I am very new to this and have a series of questions that some of you experts may assist me with. 1. How do I calibrate my paper so the carriage arm knows what size my paper is. I tried to do several test runs of fonts that go to about 1” away from the page and it’s going off of the paper and cutting 2. I am importing in SVG files from illustrator. Is there anyway to speed this process up. Or does it depend on your memory? Or the dpi of the file? 3. What dpi should I export my adobe illustrator file in. 4. What’s a good speed/pressure to cut out oracle651? think that is it for now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks