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  1. This was a 2 step process. Weeding and transferring a halftone was daunting, but it turned out to be fairly easy, just time consuming. I used the vinyl as a stencil and then fabric painted the shirt. I've already gotton requests for custom jobs. Do you think $50 is a fair price? Obviously multiple or existing designs would be less.
  2. fatewilleatyou

    Flesh colored

    I noticed Oracal has a 023 Cream color out now. It's more on the yellow side. Right now I'm using the beige because that's what's handy. I have to recut everything else tho, because the color scheme wasn't matching the light pink, which is still very magenta.
  3. fatewilleatyou

    Flesh colored

    Did beige work out for you? Jay, do you know if the Arlon is significantly lighter than other brands' beiges? I'm hoping to find a very pale pink. There are some wall vinyl options, but I don't think the adhesive is sticky enough on them. Any further suggestions? Thanks.
  4. fatewilleatyou

    Choosing the Right Vinyl Art for You

    631 is "3 year vinyl" I'm not sure what this means. I have a job doing and entire office with lettering. Will 631 be permanent? Should I use a stronger adhesive vinyl instead. If so, can someone recommend something that comes in a variety of matte colors? Thanks!
  5. fatewilleatyou

    First attempt at sandblast

    I went ahead and got the box. I work out of my basement and much prefer the grit being contained rather than getting all over. The only thing I need to learn now, is how to recycle the aluminum oxide. I'm pretty sure the glass bits will jam up the gun unless I have a way to filter them out. Any advice? Thanks.
  6. fatewilleatyou

    Etched glasses for a friend's husband

    Just fonts and clip art, but I had to be extra careful since my client provided the glassware. The blasting cabinet works brilliantly. I picked up the Harbor Freight cheaper one. My next question (I'll search the forum right after this) is how to recycle my media. I tried recycling it directly, but it jams up the air eraser constantly. Hopefully there is a screen or something I can buy.
  7. fatewilleatyou

    First attempt at sandblast

    Does anyone else agree with this? I was keeping it at 65, but the needle dropped to around 40 when I was actually blasting. What pressure do you use?
  8. fatewilleatyou

    First attempt at sandblast

    I just used my Air Eraser for the first time, and I'm looking for a little advice. You can see my project here: http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/38707-fired-up-the-air-eraser-for-the-1st-time/ I really like the reverse style on this. The problem is that it took forever. Can someone recommend a blaster that will do a larger area, but not be too big for craft jobs? I have a 100psi 5 gallon compressor, so hopefully something that will work with that as well. Thanks.
  9. I solicited some used florist vases from coworkers to try out my new rig. Just and Air Eraser and small compressor. What a mess, a blasting box is totally a necessity. Here's a short movie showing all sides: https://www.viddy.com/embed/video/361ead57-c707-427c-955c-91f49c212749
  10. fatewilleatyou

    Does your cutter have any decals on it?

    Mine is clean so far. The one sticker on it, the ruler strip that came on it, doesn't lay properly. It catches the vinyl as it comes through.
  11. fatewilleatyou

    Magnetic vehicle signs

    I made some shaped .30 magnets. Scoring the vinyl layer and breaking off the rest worked fine. The thing I'm worried about is blow off if I sell them as car usable. The edges are all rounded merged letter outlines. The magnet ares is only 5.5" x 4", anyone know if that's enough surface to stay put on a car? I don't drive, so I can't test it.
  12. fatewilleatyou

    Soft firm knockers

    Very cute. Are the striations on the lettering just the vinyl picking up the texture of the wood? I really like how that looks.
  13. fatewilleatyou

    today's work

    Did you have to manually cut out all of the rivet bumps?
  14. fatewilleatyou

    A Hela Good Decal

    I let the plotter lie still all summer, but I finally found a project to kick-start me again. I had a bunch of ideas today. I want to move in to some original designs. If you don't recognize the character, it's Hela from the Thor comics. I hope she's the villian in the next movie. The cutter was pulling up some of the sharp points, and I was wondering if the 12" MH was actually capable of doing fine details. I finally reduced the speed down to 4, and the pressure to 60, and it started cutting beautifully. I learned a lot about weeding doing this one. I'm much better at cutting in break lines and also got a helpful hint to design in your own weed lines. neato. The layering went super smoothly. 6 different colors in all. I put the smallest details on just using as small pieces of transfer paper, so as to not bubble up the vinyl. I like to present my stickers without the transfer tape on. Is there a best way that won't pull the vinyl up off its backing? Also, what is the safest product to remove adhesive left from the transfer paper. Click thumbs to enlarge
  15. fatewilleatyou

    cutter not finishing lines

    Based on your photo, I'd say that your vinyl is slipping, make sure it's staying under the pinch rollers, and make sure they're tight enough for the medium that you're cutting.