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  1. i try to set to "0" anthe X value go up to mor of 65000, in the manual say how to reset, make this Readjustment of initial value When client disorders speed and other parameters therefore having no way to work and lack experience to back to ideal cutting state, he can adjust it to initial value. Operating procedures: press"MODE"button to"CUT SPEED"state now I have to look what my job cut so far the next circle
  2. i hace lied, it change the form, trying to set to Zero it go up to 65980 and the cut square is now longer, now the question is hoy to reset to the original settings? And how to make cut liske the acreen shows the design?
  3. this swting is for the fepeating work, for example, yo cut a square or circle, the plotter begin to cut the second item at 25 mm and 795 parte of milimeter, thas a problem for me, i do repetitive works, and i hace to set to zero one by one units