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    Hi folks... I sorted this :-) I must of dropped the OFFSET VALUE to 0 - changed this to 30 and all good :-) Sorry for wasting time regards,
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here and I did do a search to see if my particular problem has been experienced by anyone else. So, I have been running my CE5000-40 for a few years now, it gets used on a regular basis, I mainly cut clothing vinyl, but have cut outdoor/vehicle vinyl too and also had success with print/cut. I noticed last week that clothing vinyl I had cut did have a couple of the logos where some corners had a bad cut and would not weed properly, not too much hassle as it wasn't every one, so, I changed the blade (I use the 1.5mm 45 degree blade in the correct holder) did a few test cuts to make sure the depth was correct etc. etc. and I sent a few of the same logo's on a sheet to cut, the logo in question is made up of WORDS and I have cut thousands of these but I noticed the cutter starting cutting the letters 'really' slowly and the cutter blade motion was almost like it was moving like a stepper motor in slow motion.. when it cut the boundary square border around the design, it ran at normal 'fast' speed ? I checked Cutting Master 3 settings (as I run my designs from Adobe illustrator CS6) and could not spot any changes I may of made, so, I set it back to factory settings and made some of the obvious setting changes - speed (15) cut force (16) acceleration (1) - set a sample print off... still the same ? I have the Offset value set to 1 I have to say I am getting very good cut quality, but no real difference when the cut jobs ran fast? Sorry for the long post folks, but I'm driving myself crazy sitting watching test logo cuts run at a snail pace - any thoughts anyone :-)