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  1. So, your saying to bring the blade out a bit more and drop the pressure?
  2. It's a Titan cutter. Could I just bring the blade out a bit more? I'm assuming the issues are from the rubbery feel and thinness of the vinyl.
  3. I agree it looks like it's dragging. The blade does have proper exposure and dropping the pressure gives me weeding issues. I will try the new blade after doing a dry run without the blade holder. Also, I never have a problem running oracal.
  4. I will try that. I have already slowed the speed down dramatically. Currently, the pressure I have it set on cuts the htv perfectly. Any less and I have issues weeding.
  5. I am in the process of purchasing Inigo solvent printer to make decals and hopefully use it for heat transfer images. I am able to get a good deal on a printer but not one that can handle metallic and white ink. I understand the importance of having white ink for heat transfers, but is it really worth the price difference? Thanks
  6. Yes, it can cut past the pinch rollers. I just had it set up that way. I will preform another cut and video it horizontally a bit later. Thanks for your help.
  7. Great idea! Here is the link. I rotated the cut and it's a bit better but not perfect. I don't have the problem as much, further I get into a piece of vinyl. Seem's like I have the issue closer to the edges. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Also, I mainly have this issue when the material is cutting towards me. When its on its way back it lays flat.
  9. If I don't use the extra pinch roller it's worse and wrinkles up on me. Especially with larger images. I took a video of my issue but its to large for me to send it. Do you use fashion film? I use 15" rolls
  10. I have been cutting oracal vinyl for a long while with no issues until I starting cutting heat transfer. I am using Cad-cut fashion film and the vinyl wants to roll up and miss sections especially near the edges. I have lowered my speed and pressure as much as I can to cut the vinyl. I called UScutter and they suggested I run two passed. That works a bit better but I'm still having the issue and it takes more time to cut with that option. I attached a pic to give you an idea whats happening while cutting. Thanks