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    Grandkids, camping, fishing, campfire gatherings and ice cold frosty beverages. And now, decals!

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  1. Chriscarp746

    Word effects

    Anyone know how to do this in scal 4pro? closest I can come to is the "buldge" effect and it looks like the letters are getting folded down in the rear. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Chriscarp746

    Image help

    I know (knew) where the image come from, I was just looking for some insight as to how I could download a particular image and be able to cut it. I'm still new to all this so I'm sorry if I offended anyone or asked anyone to do anything illegal, that was not my intention. Have a great day.
  3. Chriscarp746

    Image help

    the water marks were from a previous image, I was just wondering if there was a way to trace this that I didn't know about or if anyone had a different idea.
  4. Chriscarp746

    Image help

    Can anyone give me an idea on how to get this image onto a shirt. This is a pic that I think the customer downloaded from Pinterest. I've ran the image through Vector Magic and it just wont clean up enough and I've even tried tracing it in scal 4. Any ideas? I've tried other images just like this one also.
  5. Chriscarp746

    Newbie help woth a font

    Nevermind. Found it on my own computer. LOL Rookie mistake! Thanks
  6. Chriscarp746

    Newbie help woth a font

    So I just got my new equipment and started making my first decals and shirts this weekend. So I finally grabbed my first customer and it's a font that I found using "find my font" but the only thing I really hate to pay for a font for my first paying customer. Any help would be appreciated. Lucida Calligraphy EF (regular) Chris
  7. Chriscarp746

    Merry Christmas

    I heard something go bump in the night, walked downstairs this morning and found this. Merry Christmas to me!!
  8. Chriscarp746

    New Business Laptop

    Am I understanding this correctly? That I should have a cheaper computer for cutter operation and that only. What about design software, wouldn't I need more ram to run the software? too many great deals for under $100. Where can I get a computer for under $100?
  9. Chriscarp746

    New Business Laptop

    I was looking at this one.
  10. Chriscarp746

    New Business Laptop

    Now I have an HP (all in one) desktop
  11. Chriscarp746

    New Business Laptop

    All of the business will be on the laptop, cutter and software and will be used only for business purposes.
  12. Chriscarp746

    New Business Laptop

    Ok guys, I'm looking into a small decal/shirt business and it's only obvious that I'm gonna need a "good quality" laptop. I'm not looking to spend a fortune as I'm trying to keep my start up costs low. I've looked around online and I'm really not too sure about computers in this type of business. But I want something that I won't get easily frustrated because of lack of speed or what have you. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks Chris
  13. Chriscarp746


    Thanks slice, that pretty much answers my question.
  14. Chriscarp746


    Can someone explain to me what sublimation is? I'm looking to do shirts in HTV with a heat press to start out. Is sublimation something I need a crash course in to just start out? Thanks
  15. Chriscarp746

    Hello, Newbie for Ohio

    Well I guess I was right. I was afraid of that. If I bought small, I'd regret it in just a short time and want to upgrade. That's exactly why I posted this question. I like that you mentioned the Titan 1 28". That was my second option. Now for software. I'll be using just an everyday household computer that's only about 2 yrs old. I'm guessing that will suffice for now but the software that comes with the Titan, does it have everything I need to start making T-shirt logos and not just lettering and cheap looking clip art. I want to make some local school shirts like team/school logos with the hopes of getting a school contract after a year or two experience. Oh and one more thing I almost forgot. I want a better quality shirt blanks obsessively if I'm looking to get a decent school contract. Do I want 100% cotton, polyester, or a blend. and is there a good shirt supplier on the net? Thanks again Chris