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  1. cartierusm69

    Inexpensive Printer for Vinyl

    Thanks. I think that I might just use kinkos for now as I don't see me doing it that oftern. It's $15 per square foot.
  2. cartierusm69

    Inexpensive Printer for Vinyl

    Hey peeps, been vinyl cutting for a while, but never printed on vinyl and cut it. Just bought a Titan 2 so I could in theory do contour cutting so I'd like to print some stuff. I don't need anything large. I would think being able to print on small width vinyl would be nice, I don't know anything about printable vinyl, but imagine they come in 15", maybe 12" sizes? I don't mind buying used as long as I can service the inkjet myself as I don't plan on using it very often. Maybe once a month. Anything you think would work? Would I need to add a refillable reservoir for the inks?