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  1. It's fixed! Thanks to Jason at Graphtec. I still don't know why it won't do the update thing, but it is back to normal. Turned out I must have accidentally pressed print or something on the firmware update tool, which sent the file to the cutter. That file got stuck trying to "print" to the cutter. Remember, I removed the driver and reinstalled the driver, and the print job was STILL there!! I rebooted multiple times. So if you find this and you are getting errors similar to mine, go look at the printer queue and see if something is in there, delete it if you can. It might say "deleting" but won't delete, and then you'll have to reboot. So I'm still not updated on the firmware, but at least it's working again. By the way, Graphtec Studio will not work on machines that are running firmware less than 3.9, so there is good reason to upgrade. But since I'm running Flexi anyway forget it! Thanks again Bikemike and most of all Mz Skeeter, I appreciate all you did to help. Now, on to ordering that Cricut pad and see if I can do some die cutting.
  2. I wish I had read more before assuming their documentation was accurate. Right now I have a very large paperweight. RS232 does not work either.
  3. Yeah I tried it with the Graphtec Studio and Flexi 10 on Windows 7. I never used it with Studio until after it messed up. Computer recognizes it as a CE5000 no problem. Studio will recognize it occasionally and say "Load Media" in the Status area, when the status of the media is fine on the cutter. It then disconnects randomly, and all the time when the cutter is hooked into USB, it will come up with the GP-GL ERROR 1. I don't disagree that I should have left well enough alone, but damnit it, what I did shouldn't have broken it either. It's not like I was abusing it or doing anything the instructions didn't tell me to do.
  4. Hopefully they will actually try to help me.. seems like a firmware update would fix this maybe but I don't know. Curious if you, Mz Skeeter, or anyone else for that matter, have ever had to use their support and how they might treat someone who is out of warranty. Again, thanks for your help. Wish me luck.
  5. By the way, when I hold down < and > mine says "USB 8" and I have the option to change to "USB 64". No update or anything, just in case anyone else is seeing this problem.
  6. I found your post with the link to the CE5000 service manual and just downloaded it. I'm going to read through it and see if I can find anything.
  7. Right, the problem I have is that PLEASE SEND PRG, and UPDATE never display on my device - they never did, that's why I did a factory reset
  8. I was using flexi. I should have left it alone, you're right. Hopefully I can at least use it with a serial cable. I don't get why this would happen. If USB isn't plugged in, it seems to operate normally.
  9. Wonderful. Now all I have to do is fix my machine. I literally just destroyed it somehow, it seems. I was trying to update the firmware but pressing < and > while powering it on and all I was getting was USB 8, not "update machine". So I did a system reset, powering on with ^ and now I can't get it to connect to the computer via USB. Actually Windows 7 recognizes the machine, but I can't use the controller software and the machine goes kind of haywire and cuts a bunch of random letters in my vinyl when on HP-GL. Getting the GP-GL error 1 as soon as I plug it in, and HP-GL error 1 if I switch it to HP-GL (and the haywire issues) either way when USB is plugged in. I can try serial, but right now I'm stuck. UGH
  10. So you just throw a cutting mat in under the roll of vinyl and it will work? I thought there was a vacuum sucking down the vinyl, which I'm assuming the mat would block? Thank you for the clarifications, by the way, very helpful!
  11. I'm even more confused now, because looking at the CE6000 specs on the graphtec site, the image here: Seems to suggest that Die cuts are perfectly possible and fine on the CE5000, only the perforation cuts are new with the 6000. I don't care about perforations, I just want to die cut out stickers. If that's the case, for Oracal 651, what settings are you guys using to cut all the way through the backing?
  12. I have a CE5000-60 and just reading the manual it doesn't seem like it will do die cutting (perf cutting, whatever you want to call it) to cut preprinted stickers completely out of the vinyl because it will destroy the machine. But reading the forums it sounds like maybe you can put a mat in the machine so you can safely cut all the way through the backing? If this is the case, can anyone point me to such a mat? If it's not, beat me over the head with your virtual bat. Thanks in advance!