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  1. Rexerex

    paint mask over automotive paint

    I have been using Gerbermask and recently tried Avery SF100 yellow. It seems comparable for our use which is mainly military markings on aircraft and vehicles. Sometimes there may be for example, round head rivets which the mask may not be able to conform to and we cut clearance around the rivet. Then we may apply masking tape that we can press tightly to the rivet or other feature to replace the vinyl mask in that area. Is there other materials or methods that would work better? I would like advice about other brands or products that are worth trying for these projects. Thanks.
  2. Rexerex

    New to forum

    Hello, I volunteer at the Pueblo Aircraft Museum. We have a vinyl cutting system that is probably over 17 years old. The software is from Gerber Scientific Products with a Mimaki CG-60st. It's running on Windows 2000. It works OK for our uses and the computer is never connected to the internet. It is used maybe a few times a week when we are busy with a restoration or special event. Often it is off for months. We mostly cut lettering for signage around the museum and stencil masks for aircraft and vehicle restorations. Before I got involved with the museum it was just lettering, but I have added some artwork such as our museum logo and other designs. There is much I don't know about vinyl cutting and the program but we only do in-house work for our Non-Profit operations. My interest here is to research possible upgrades of our system or determine if we might be better off getting a newer more capable system.