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  1. ok here's what i had trouble shot and im down to PC installed appropriate drivers for Copam cp2500 with usb windows 7 with sure cuts alot 4/sign go pro --- neither can find the plotter go to device manager -- no "PORTS" tab (i tried unhiding, and BIOS enabled) since i could not find a way to get it to be found i switched to my mac air MAC installed appropriate drivers for 10.7.5 sure cuts 3 cant find plotter -------------------- the problem has to be in the brand new cord i purchased the connect hub of the usb in the plotter or somewhere i missed a step in the 7 hours i spent trouble shooting this the lady i bought the plotter from says she will send me the cord that she forgot to send but i dont think its the cord. if it is then that was a waste of 20$ and 7hours. im going to bed now
  2. Yes i have those drivers on the pc and mac i have signgo pro and sure cuts 4 on windows 7 on pc and working on software for the mac. I have sure cuts three just downloaded trial cersion on mac.
  3. I did not see her work the machine. I have turned on and tested all seems to be working. The back of the lock knob that hold the blade holder was broken....have no clue how you break that but she said she used it the morning before. I think she thinks she used it by saying she turned it on and watched the blade move. There is no way it coudve actually cut.
  4. give me a second sending you images
  5. the cable im using is the printer cable with usb on the opposite side. as far as the hook i do not know what that is
  6. ok i have another question for the 10.7.5 mac air. i downloaded the drivers from the attached link what is the next step? i have installed the software and also downloaded signcut trail but it crashes before it even opens. SignCut quit unexpectedly. reopen crash again BTW you guys are amazing
  7. i do not have the original usb here i have a 2.0 printer cable which could also be a factor. the lady i purchased this from forgot the power cable and the hook up. I am assuming t was a usb. could this 15$ cable from walmart be another problem? where would the emulation chipset be found if you can remember
  8. i have that driver downloaded it just wont show up in my device manager where my PORT tab should be. it computer erorr at the moment then we will see what is next. i also am going to try and get it working on an older mac air since this is might not work according to dell.
  9. i have found an issue. my device manager in my pc does not show the PORT tab so i am trying to see how it has disappeared and if there is a work around.
  10. i have a dell xps running windows 7 and just recently purchased second hand a CP2500. i have tried my best to figure this out and spent many hours finding the appropriate drives and trying to find out how to connect the plotter to the driver that is on the computer. I do not know if i am in the way or just missing something. i have sure cuts pro and signgo pro when i try in sure cuts it responds with no cutter found. please help