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  1. Nancy’s Attic

    transfer graphics

    Thank you both of you and yes they have quit letting people to save to your computer
  2. Nancy’s Attic

    transfer graphics

    I have been working with a Cricut and all my stuff is stored there, is there away to transfer my work to the new system I have? I have already tried to copy and paste and it didn't work. I have a lot of my photo's saved to computer it's just the typed documents that I have done is what I'm having trouble with.
  3. Nancy’s Attic

    System trouble help

    You are correct Dakotagrafx. I guess I’m going to have to call support tomorrow thank you to you and skeeter for helping me y’all are awesome for stepping in
  4. Nancy’s Attic

    System trouble help

    Correct it shows me that the drivers were installed correctly
  5. Nancy’s Attic

    System trouble help

    Done all that and still no luck
  6. Nancy’s Attic

    System trouble help

    Okay thank you I will try it
  7. Nancy’s Attic

    System trouble help

    Okay I just purchased the vinyl master (uscutter) I am working with windows 7 when I try to send something to the cutter it will not cut but will cut test pattern. It shows that it’s connected but when I run detect devise it can’t find the cutter. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole program. I have changed ports also I’m working with the USB port. Any and all help appreciated.