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  1. Bryank930

    Blaze Orange vinyl that will last outdoors?

    One year for 7510 Orange
  2. I'm looking for the closest vinyl to blaze orange (hunting) that I can find that will last outdoors on a vehicle window. Oracal 7510 orange is pretty much dead on, but will fade quickly outside. Next closest I found in my Orafol book is 651 pastel orange. Any other options that will hold up to being on a vehicle window?
  3. Bryank930

    Light Grey 651

    Only matte 651 is White and Black. There's this stuff, but I don't have experience with their products:
  4. Bryank930

    Wood finish over vinyl

    I've done water-based poly over vinyl once or twice and it worked fine. Another option is to get untinted exterior "Deep base" paint. Key here is untinted. It will go on milky-white, but dry clear and have the same properties as exterior house paint.