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  1. mckenna.mengelkoch

    how to load straight

    Must have been strange lighting lol! It doesn't stick out at all, perfectly cuts one layer of paper without cutting the second (and is cutting the vinyl perfectly as well!) . A 10 inch vinyl (it's from US cutter so it's actually just shy of 10inches) is way too big to use the 2nd and 3rd roller, and I tried using the 3rd and 4th roller, but it touches the edges on both sides, so that doesn't work as well. I'll definitely be ordering 20inch and hopefully that helps! I also lowered my speed down to 48 and my pressure down to 69 which seems to be helping! Thanks so much for your help!! I'm starting to get the hang of it! They should really ship these things with more directions
  2. mckenna.mengelkoch

    how to load straight

    And for refernce, this is how I have my 10 inch HTV set up. Just in case I'm doing something completely wrong lol rollers are pretty evenly spaced. With just over an inch of vinyl in each side. I keep my speed around 96 and force around 105
  3. mckenna.mengelkoch

    how to load straight

    You are right! I totally just need to take the time to learn it! My "part time hobby" (I'm a stay at home mom of 2 under two, so it was suppose to be a "fun gig") quickly turned into a booming business, which is GREAT, but trying to keep up with 30+ new orders a day has me a bit short tempered, and I probably had too much in mind when I ordered this! Just in the last day or sk, me and this Titan have gotten along a lot better! I think we will figure each other out...eventually. One last question, how do I fix inconsistent cuts? Or more like consistently wrong cuts? (Ps this was a refurbished titan, I'm thinking there is something wrong with it more than user error. But I'm hoping I'm just missing something) i have been practicing with the pen and paper, because I've blown through probably $50 worth of vinyl! You can can see where the top right consistently doesn't cut correctly. Any ideas?
  4. mckenna.mengelkoch

    Goodness! Cutting multiple designs at the same time???

    following. I make t-shirts and would like to cut 10-20 designs off at a time, like in a row, but can't quite figure out how to do it
  5. mckenna.mengelkoch

    how to load straight

    thanks! another issue I am having is when it starts to cut, its like the blade somehow gets caught on the edge of the vinyl and gets it all wrinkled up?? I am trying to use up my 10 inch vinyl (coming from a silhouette cameo) is it just because the vinyl is too small? should I just order 20 inch vinyl? This cutter has been such a massive disappointment (and frustration!) luckily im not that strong, or I would have thrown it across the room a time or two by now lol
  6. hi, just got my titan2 today, and I was SO excited, and now im just frustrated. How do you get the vinyl to load STRAIGHT? i think its straight, I line it up with the front ruler, and the back ruler, but as it cuts, it starts to slide on over! the vinyl also keeps getting winked by the wheel/feet things.. whats that about?