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  1. Test Cuts seem fine , when I drew a bunch of circles and wrote "test1234OO in my own sample cut the only errors seem to be in the zeros are the test I wrote , all the circles turned out fine ,before I cut this I changed the condition to 2 , and from pen to my blade type, cutting at slow speeds as well ,I watched this video again as I watched them all that came with my machine. Blade depth is good , seems better but still not perfect ,I'll keep chipping away
  2. thanks I will give that a shot and report back my finding
  3. Hello I bought a CE6000 60 yesterday and my previous machines have been fairly basic compared to the new machine , I have done a factory reset and tired adjusting the offset but no matter how clean of an .EPS or just using the plain for my cutter makes small errors in the same spots, I am using the Graphtec Studio program. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks