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  1. Hi, I am completely new to bigger cutters, I have always used a silhouette cameo. have downloaded inkscape but I cant get it to pick up the cutter, I have read that I need to install the cutter as a printer. But I cant locate the drivers to do this, the cutter is currently set up in the USB as COM Port 2 . Can someone help me set it up to use please? I am running 64bit Windows 10 system. Thanks in advance
  2. anyone in particular as there are a couple to select from?
  3. Hi I have downloaded it and installed the drivers, but my MH 721 isn't there to select as a cutter. Any idea which one I should select please?
  4. thanks for your help I will have a look on there, I am trying to install it but its come to the end and says installing but not responding in brackets :-(