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  1. Live Wire

    Anyone got skulls smoking cigars?

  2. Live Wire

    day of dead skulls

    Cool, thanks
  3. Live Wire

    looking for a skeleton riding an motorcycle

    Awesome, Thanks All !!
  4. Live Wire

    F-14 Tomcat

  5. Live Wire

    State outlines

    Thanks All
  6. Live Wire

    55 Chevy

  7. Live Wire

    Breast Cancer Ribbon

  8. Live Wire

    Looking for Kryptek

    Thanks,grabbed both.
  9. Live Wire

    Basic vine with leaves

    Thank You!
  10. Live Wire

    Graphics for all

    Most do think the same as you guys, I put the lettering on the front of a shirt and the image on the back, you do get some funny looks. Thanks bikemike for clarifying.
  11. AWESOME.thanks to all. added a few under graphics for all.
  12. Live Wire

    Hello from Mid-Michigan

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong topic earlier. I am a retired electrician due to a severe injury. I would consider myself a 2nd year apprentice in this industry, purchased a titan 2 and a clamshell heat press. Not top of the line equipment, I just needed something to keep me busy and try out to see if I would be capable of doing this. I really enjoy this and there are endless possibilities in this business. Now that I have a year under my belt it will soon be time to upgrade my equipment. I would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the admins and contributors who make this forum awesome. Also with the help of this forum I was able to produce what I wanted right off the bat, thanks again. I will be posting some of my designs in the graphics section for all to use.
  13. Live Wire

    Graphics for all

    Here are a few graphics I have my permission for commercial and personal use. behind bars1.eps outlaw2.eps behind bars2.eps behind bars3.eps behind bars4.eps behind bars5.eps outlaw1.eps