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  1. TXDecalWerx

    How do I cut outlines?

    I'll give that a try. Thanks guys! I am running VM LTR 4.0 btw.
  2. TXDecalWerx

    My first cuts on my MH721

    More stuff I have cut recently... Red over lime green. Looks better in person. Kiddos bedroom door.
  3. I am trying to figure out how to make a windshield banner for a friend. He wants a 50" piece of vinyl with his text cut out. I would like to make this for him, along with similar designs as the abused daily and stockish decals but I am missing a step somewhere. I am using the most recent version of VM ltr.
  4. I have found recently the machine will be cutting and near the end of the cut it will unspool it self. It is moving so much vinyl around during the cut it will just pull all the vinyl out and keep cutting on the cut strip until I can abort the design.
  5. Ok. So prior to every cut reset origin point.
  6. So my vinyl can be a few inches past the cutter and the machine will feed vinyl as it cuts until it has finished the correct design? I will have more time this weekend to play with the set up some more.
  7. I am having issues getting my machine set up correctly. If your design is 11" long, do you have to pre spool 11-12' of vinyl prior to starting your cut? I included a picture where spooled out 11" of vinyl prior to cutting my design and i ended up not even cutting in the first 11" . When I dont spool out the vinyl prior to cutting it will actually cut into the machine due to it pulling the vinyl backwards. How much vinyl should I have pulled out past the cut head prior to beginning my cut? Also, once my design is done, and if I want to cut another design the machine will feed the vinyl back and start cutting the new design over the first design.
  8. TXDecalWerx

    My first cuts on my MH721

    Here are my first cuts. I am still trying to figure out how to overlay text in or across my decals and I am going to start trying multi colors soon. I also want to make some decals for the hood of my jeep but need to work more with the software to get the sizing correct. Using a USCutter MH721-MK2 and Vinylmaster LTR.
  9. Thanks! I must have overlooked the copies button on one of the tutorial videos. That fixed me right up.
  10. Making my first cuts this evening and I cant quite figure out how to make a duplicate cut on the left side of my sheet of vinyl. I can cut the right side all day, but it sure waste a lot of material. I am using a UsCutter MH721-MK2 28" w/ VinylMaster LTR 4.0 on windows 7. I've never done this type of stuff before so a step by step would be appreciative.... I already have a graphic cut with a weed box. Settings are 950 mms speed and 110g cut psi. I want to duplicate this and make full use of my material.
  11. TXDecalWerx

    Hi from Tx

    Thanks! I'm excited to get started so I can make cool car decals for my Mustang and Jeep clubs I am in. Not to mention the side work I can pick up.
  12. TXDecalWerx

    Hi from Tx

    Just got a new MH721-mk2 28" cutter and I am learning how to use the equipment. Looking forward to learning from everyone here and hopefully soon being able to help others as my knowledge base grows.