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    Cutting roll paper

    Today, I literally just got the blade set up for vinyl (cutting just the vinyl and not the paper backing). -- Just indicating I'm a NOOB ;-)
  2. Just picked up a 25" Laserpoint II - just got the knife set and test pattern to cut properly. I'm sure I'll have other stupid questions, but here is one I didn't see searching the forum. I was curious what experience, if any, people have with cutting roll paper like shown here in this video. It seems that whatever software is being used ensures that the pattern is cut section by section never feeding troublesome areas back through the cutter to rip the paper and it uses no carrier. This unit looks remarkable similar to the US Cutter items... Will Vinylmaster do this? If so, with what settings? (perhaps cut in strips via the vinyl spooler > Cut options?) Looking forward to hearing what you think!